The Answer to School Shootings and Other Violence

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Opinion, More Factual Than The FAKE News Media!

The most important control we can implement is _again_ teaching all kids moral values, from preschool through High School.

Look how long it took the Government Schools to corrupt our children’s Morals; from the 1950s! So this reversing of these devastating policies will take time.

Short term solution is have all certified teachers, maintenance, office, etc., people and students with Concealed Carry guns.

Have troubled kids counseled by competent people; psychologist, counselors, Spiritual Leaders, etc.
My wife added the following:

We need to kick the bean counters out of health insurance so doctors can be doctors and do their jobs. And ditch the stigma of mental health. This young man needed help; he was hearing voices. I hate to say it , but we need mental health hospitals to confine some people who are a danger to themselves or others.

And clean up the FBI…
They’re spending their time and resources (AKA Our Tax Money) desperately trying to Fabricate evidence against our duly elected President Trump, instead of doing their job of protecting us citizens.

There’s more!

  • To be continued if our readers desire it.