Australian Politics – Newspoll: Prime Minister Turnbull Loses Number 27 – And Badly

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By Andrew Bolt ~

So much for the reports just two weeks ago about a Turnbull “recovery“.

Turnbull today loses his 27th Newspoll in a row, 47% to Labor’s 53%. It is now all but inevitable that Turnbull will reach that deadly mark he set in toppling Tony Abbott of 30 losing Newspolls in a row.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

As for his personal approval, that crashes 5 percentage points.

Journalists note that 65% of voters want Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce to step down over his sex scandal.

But more significant for the Liberals is that 64% won’t give them their primary vote.

The one consolation for the Government: I’d have expected this poll to be even worse. That said, Essential’s poll says it is.


Remember Niki Savva five months ago detecting the “green shoots” of a Turnbull recovery?

Remember how just two weeks ago Savva thought Turnbull was going so well that he had to be careful not to actually force Labor to replace Bill Shorten as leader?

It would not be in the government’s interests if Shorten goes so badly that Labor switches to Albanese before the election.

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