Australian Politics – MP’s Want Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce To Quit

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of The Nationals, Barnaby Joyce is in real trouble, today’s reports suggest.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce

For instance:

Turnbull is being urged to ask Barnaby Joyce to stand down after the fallout from the deputy’s affair threatens the credibility of the government.

Government sources say Mr Joyce’s position as Deputy Prime Minister is now untenable, reports 9NEWS.” And: “National MPs are turning on Barnaby Joyce, warning that his leadership is in jeopardy.

However, one Cabinet minister warned that any move against Mr Joyce would be politically damaging to the federal government, which holds power by a single seat in the Lower House.

“The PM can’t dump Barnaby,” the minister said, according to 9NEWS.

“That would be the end of the government.


National MPs are turning on Barnaby Joyce, warning that his leadership is in jeopardy…

Some MPs say they are receiving “white-hot anger” from constituents over the affair [with] and the subsequent treatment of [Vikki] Campion, who was moved out of Mr Joyce’s office into highly paid positions in the offices of Resources Minister Matt Canavan and party whip Damian Drum…

Mr Joyce’s office yesterday declined to answer questions from The Australian about whether taxpayers covered any of the accommodation or travel costs for Ms Campion after reports she was spotted holidaying with the Nationals leader on ­December 29 in Palm Cove, north of Cairns. The Daily Telegraph reported Ms Campion and Mr Joyce were in Townsville on December 26, seen in Palm Cove on December 29 and were spotted at a pub in Wooli, north of Coffs Harbour, at the end of the first week in January…

(S)ome government MPs are privately hoping the Nationals leader steps down. They warn that the party’s election strategy may have to be revised given the damage caused by the affair amid concerns rural voters who strongly support family values will abandon the party.

The anger is understandable. Joyce has badly damaged the “family values” Nationals. Then there are the questions the Government must answer about how much taxpayer money was spent on looking after Joyce’s lover and why it was spent.


Graham Richardson:

The rules for Ministers and office holders are simple enough. The Prime Minister approves a compliment of staff which can only be increased with the PMs approval. All Ministers fill their allocation so I will be really surprised if Malcolm Turnbull did not approve of an extra staff member for Matt Canavan. We know that Drum’s extra staffer was approved so Turnbull definitely has a difficult question to answer. So far, as he often is wont to do, Turnbull has waffled. He has tried to muddy the waters by throwing up the privacy argument. That’s pathetic given that the scandal of the magic jobs is far bigger than the personal situation of Joyce and his family.

The Prime Minister has been quoted as saying: “I am not aware of any inappropriate expenditure of public funds.” Either the PM is not telling the truth about his role or he has a very different view to the rest of us about the meaning of “inappropriate expenditure”…

Turnbull has been caught out here and his personal credibility will take yet another hit.”

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