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Today’s music video is Honey, sung here in this clip by the American singer Bobby Goldsboro.

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Thank heavens that the Internet was not available in the 1960’s, because if it had have been, this song would most probably have sunk without trace. I say that somewhat in jest, as a song like this would probably have become a hit no matter when it was released.

Why I mention it is that in some reports on the Internet, this song is quoted as arguably the worst song ever released, and always appears on any list of the worst songs of all time.


This is a song released in 1967, and sold more than one million copies just in the U.S. alone, was a Number One Smash Hit in the the U.S. and it stayed at Number One for five weeks. It was also a Number One song wherever else it was released, as it was here in Australia, where it also spent five consecutive weeks at Number One, in an era when The Beatles were at their peak, and every song they released went straight to Number One. Here in Australia, this song took three weeks to get to Number Two, and then spent the next five weeks at Number One, and after that, the next five weeks at Number Two, and two weeks at Number Three, before slowly falling back out of the charts, after spending 22 weeks in all in the National Charts, 13 of those weeks in the Top Three, keeping in mind that here in Australia, there is just the one Chart for all songs from every genre, so to make it into the National Chart, it has to be a pretty good song. In America,  Billboard, who compile the National Charts named the song the Number Three Song of the year.

Okay, so the song is probably a bit of a soppy tearjerker, and deals with very personal feelings about a man whose lover has died, but it was just such a good song.

The song was written by Bobby Russell, and, while his own singing career might be described as probably only average and just enough to get by on, he wrote a number of songs which were big hits for other artists, this one most probably his biggest, although a case could be made for the song Little Green Apples, which he wrote a year later in 1968, and was recorded by Roger Miller, and won Bobby Russel two Grammy Awards, one of them for Song Of The Year.

Russel worked on this song Honey with a member of the Kingston Trio first, but ended up giving it instead to Bobby Goldsboro, who actually recorded the song at the first take.

Over the intervening years, the song has been covered by more than 40 other artists.

Music, especially Popular Music can be so polarising, and songs that some think are great, other people just can’t stand. This isn’t one of them, as everyone I know who has ever heard the song loves it, and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like the song.

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