Climate Change Australia – University Disgrace: The Silencing Of Professor Peter Ridd

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By Andrew Bolt ~

How dare James Cook University try to gag Professor Peter Ridd from questioning the global warming alarmism of other academics? It has even trawled through his emails to look for dirt. But as you saw on my show last night, this brave man refuses to be cowed, even as his legal bills soar in a confrontation that shames Australian academia.

Some background:

Peter Ridd, a professor of physics, last year again argued that the science behind claims that global warming was destroying the Great Barrier reef was not strong and some science bodies seemed to be exaggerating:

The basic problem is that we can no longer trust the scientific organisations like the Australian Institute of Marine Science, even things like the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies – a lot of this is stuff is coming out, the science is coming out not properly checked, tested or replicated and this is a great shame because we really need to be able to trust our scientific institutions and the fact is I do not think we can any more.

Those comments, on Sky News, has his university trying to gag Ridd and threaten him with legal action for not being more “collegial” – a ludicrous and sinister attempt to impose group think on a scientist.Ridd has refused to buckle, claiming free speech and proper scientific debate – the questioning of propositions – are at stake.

Ridd soon faced legal bills of $95,000. The good news is that he raised that in a Go Fund Me campaign in just two days.

Clearly, many thinking Australians are deeply troubled by this persecution of an academic by a university that is actually funded to promote academic debate, not crush it.

It stuns me that the Turnbull Government has been silent on such an important issue and has not told the university to drop this campaign or face intervention. I suspect that the great global warming religion is now considered so sacred that we must not only destroy our reliable electricity system, spend billions on unnecessary desalination plants, fritter billions more on useless global warming schemes, consider tax breaks or subsidies for millions of expensive electric cars, but also crush any scientist who dares question the shaky science on which this whole, tottering edifice is built.

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