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Today’s music video is Still Crazy After All These Years, sung here in this clip by the American singer songwriting legend Paul Simon.

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I have always liked the songs of Paul Simon. Even though I was aware of his early songs on the radio when I was younger, right from that first huge hit in 1965, The Sounds Of Silence, and the other songs he had as hits with Art Garfunkel, it wasn’t until the late 60s that I started getting hold of my own albums. In mid 1968, I heard some of the songs from that duo’s first album, Wednesday Morning 3AM, first released in 1964, mainly as a vehicle for that first monster hit of theirs. Only four of the twelve songs on that album were written by Paul Simon, but one of them, the title track was the one I liked the most, because it was just so personal. That album was among the first albums I purchased, and over the next couple of Months, I got hold of their other three albums they had released. I now had the start of what became a pretty large collection, and I had more albums by Simon and Garfunkel than any other artist. Then, in 1970, they released that album which shot into the Stratosphere, Bridge Over Troubled Water. Then that duo split up, right at what most people thought as the absolute zenith of their career.

Then, I didn’t hear all that much of Paul Simon for a couple of years. He had two minor hits here in Australia with a couple of songs from his self titled album, but they were not enough to persuade me to get hold of that album.

The next album was just amazing, and I got hold of it almost at the time of release here in Australia in 1973, and that was the brilliant There Goes Rhymin’ Simon. Every song on that album I liked, but none more than American Tune, a truly wonderful song, one I have posted before at this link, a song whose lyrics cannot help but move you.

Then, almost two years later in 1975, Paul released this album Still Crazy After All These Years, another of his albums I got hold of virtually as it was released here in Australia. While this album charted well, mainly on the back of the earlier album, and the expectations that this would be as good or better. Oddly, I wasn’t as keen on this album as that previous one, and while the songs were okay, the only one I really liked was the title track, the song I have featured today. Three songs from the album were released as Singles, and this song, the title track was the third of those. The song 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover was the Monster from the album, and was a huge Number One Hit all over the World really, but I always preferred this title track. That song, when it finally was released as a Single barely even registered in the U.S. National Charts, and yet here in Australia, it was a Top Ten Hit.

The song again is almost typical of Paul Simon, a songwriter who was never afraid to find a personal thing to write a song about, even if it was about pain.

When he was interviewed about the song prior to its release, he mentioned that he was having some trouble with it, after that first section of lyrics. When the song was finally finished, he worked around it by including a really nice solo on the saxophone, played here by Michael Brecker. It’s odd really. You hear a song, and even though I played the guitar myself, I only had a fairly basic knowledge about music, and the intricacies of the music composition of a song are the things that cause problems, like the one Paul mentioned he had before the song was finished.

This is one of the few times I have seen Paul singing a song without having a guitar in his hand and playing it, and it just seems a little odd, as he always seemed to do his own accompaniment.

Even though he has been so prolific over so many years, I only got hold of one more of his albums, that wonderful Graceland album, released in 1986. I wasn’t alone in buying that album, as it is reputed to have sold more than 16 Million copies.

This is a wonderful song from someone who has such an enormous talent. It’s so easy to attach the label legend to a singer these days, but when Paul Simon is mentioned, there is no one who can say that he isn’t.

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