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Today’s music video is Dedicated Follower Of Fashion and the song is performed here by the legendary English band, The Kinks.

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The Kinks were always one of my favourite bands during the 60s and 70’s. While The Beatles were far and away at the very pinnacle of Popular Music ladder  during the 60’s, there would have been only half a dozen bands at most on that second rung of that ladder, and The Kinks would have been one of those bands.

While, oddly, this band was not all that successful in the U.S. however, they were huge in the UK, as well as here in Australia, and were at the forefront of what became known in the U.S. as The British Invasion., when so much good music came out of England at such a bewildering rate, with each new week, a new big Single from a new artist or band rising up the charts. Sometimes you didn’t know which way to turn.

In 1964, with virtually their first Single they released, You Really Got Me went straight up the charts to Number One. From that point over the next two years, they had a string of 15 consecutive hits, all going inside the Top Ten, with Four of them at Number One and another four of them at either Number Two or Three and most of the rest inside the Top Five. The band was so prolific, led by Ray Davies, who wrote nearly all their songs.

Now, just that alone would make this band one of the highly successful bands of any era, but what needs to be realised here is that this was at a time when The Beatles were at their peak, well, that band was at the peak for many years really.

This song I have featured today was released late in 1965, and went to Number 4 in the UK, and surprisingly, it was not all that much of a hit here in Australia.

Ray Davies had wry sense of humour, and that was reflected in a number of his songs this one included, and when he was asked about the inspiration for this song, he said it was a comment on the current state of fashion in the UK at that time, and how the fashions were becoming more daring and outrageous, and people weren’t putting all that much thought into what it was they were actually wearing, as long as it was ‘the fashion’. Ray actually said that he had an argument with a fashion designer at a party he was attending, and that it actually degenerated into a fight, and the next day he sat down and wrote this song.

Doing the lyrics was one thing, and even the music which sounds so simple but gave him trouble, because of the introduction to the song, which he was never quite happy with, even after it was released, rushed out by the band’s record company.

The people who then went out and bought the record, liked his jab at this whole Carnaby Street industry that sprung up on the back of this incredible music scene, and the industry even gave the impression that he might actually be praising them, when that could easily be disproved just by listening to the song and the sarcastic tone of the vocal lyrics.

Ray Davies brother Dave was also a foundation member of the band, and he is renowned as one of the first users of that legendary guitar, the Gibson Flying Vee, and while this clip of the song just features still images of the band, while the studio version  the song is being played, one of those images right at the end of the song shows that famous guitar. Dave Davies was one of the first top band players to take up the instrument, one that became relatively popular later on.

While I like this song from the band, well, nearly all of their songs really, my favourite song from this band is Waterloo Sunset, released in 1967. That song made it to Number Two in the UK, Number Three here in Australia, and inexplicably, did not even register in the U.S.

This band is without doubt one of the best bands around during those years when all everyone really heard was music from The Beatles.

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