Australian Media – When Will ABC Chairman Justin Milne Open His Ears?

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Former ABC chairman Maurice Newman:

There is no bias at the ABC. The chairman says so.

On his first day at the office, Justin Milne told us: “I don’t come to the job thinking I need to fix the perceived bias in the ABC because I don’t know that there really is a bias, but I imagine scrutiny of the ABC will continue — and so it should. Roughly speaking, 50 per cent of the audience will think it is biased to the left, 50 per cent will think it’s biased to the right.”

So there you have it. The ABC is right down the middle. Nothing to see here. Move on.

Newman presents an astonishingly long list of things Milne, a friend of Malcolm Turnbull, must of have missed or is ignoring. Read on.

What does this tell us about Milne’s knowledge of the ABC – or his bias?

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