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Today’s music video is Handle With Care and the song is performed here by the Supergroup The Traveling Wilburys.

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In 1987, George Harrison was in the middle of what can only be described as a stellar solo career after leaving The Beatles. He had started a new album, Cloud Nine, and his co producer on that album was Jeff Lynne, his good friend, and  former front man of the hugely successful band The Electric Light Orchestra. (ELO) Early on in the sessions for that album, George had been discussing the thought bubble of having a small group of close friends with their own huge musical careers together to form a loose band, people that they could get on well with as a group, and all of them huge musical talents. George thought that he would like to have Bob Dylan as his choice, and Jeff Lynne thought he would like to do music with Roy Orbison. That idea gained some traction throughout the recording sessions, and both of them asked their prospective friends if they would like to do something together. The album was duly recorded and then released, and as a next project Jeff Lynne was producing an album for Tom Petty, now also on his own at the start of his own solo career. Both he and George Harrison were friends with Tom Petty, having toured with him and his former band.

In 1988, George was in the U.S. to do some work on another of his projects, filming for a comedy movie. His recording company asked George for a new song to go on the flip side of the third Single from his Cloud Nine album. George had already written this song, and on short notice, asked Jeff Lynne to help him with the production of the song, and as Roy Orbison was with Jeff when he asked, he invited him along to help out with the song, so now there were three of this former thought bubble of a group. Being short notice, they couldn’t get a full recording studio to do the song, so George asked Bob Dylan if they could use his small garage studio to record the song, and Bob said that was fine. So now there wee four of them. George did not have his guitar with him, having left it at Tom Petty’s home, so he went off to get his guitar, and asked Tom if he would like to come along as well.

The five of these famed artists then recorded the song, with the title that was picked up from an old box in Bob’s studio, hence Handle With Care.

They recorded the song, and George took it along to the recording company, where he was told that a song this good should not be just on the B Side of a Single for European release only, and that it should be a stand alone song on its own. That now threw up a whole new scenario as this was five separate artists with no name and no ‘history’ and no name even. So, they had to hurriedly get all five of them together, think of a name, something both George and Jeff had already canvassed as being the Traveling Wilburys. All five were now contracted as this new band, and this was their first Single release.

Needless to say, it became a smash hit, and now together, they made an album, which was also a huge hit, the surprise smash hit album of 1988, selling more than two million copies in just the U.S. alone. While peaking at Number Three on the albums chart in the U.S. it made it to Number One here in Australia.

The album won a Grammy Award, but tragically, was the last recording for Roy Orbison who passed away later that same year.

Sadly two other members of this band have also passed away, George Harrison in 2001, and Tom Petty only eight weeks ago.

This band got on so well together, and each one of them contributed to the lyrics on this song, as the band just bounced off each other at Bob Dylan’s small garage recording studio. They hurriedly even made a video of the song, and here, the drummer Jim Keltner, is also a huge star in his own right, that famed session drummer for so many huge artists.

One other thing that bound all five of these musicians together was their love for that English comedy group Monty Python.

Sometimes, a whole lot of little things coalesce to give us a result of something memorable, as this song really is.

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