Gay Marriage Australia – Abbott Tells Turnbull: Match Words With Deeds On Gay Marriage

Posted on Tue 11/14/2017 by


By Andrew Bolt ~

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott challenges Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to match words with deeds:  

Less than two months ago, the Prime Minister said: “I … want to reassure Australians that as strongly as I believe in the right of same-sex couples to marry, even more strongly … do I believe in religious freedom.” The opponents of same-sex marriage will certainly facilitate the passage of a bill through the parliament but hope that the Prime Minister will be as good as his word on entrenching the right to dissent from any new orthodoxy.

My tip: Turnbull will be desperate to secure the only possible legacy of his miserable two years of his leadership – the legalisation of same-sex marriage – before he is toppled or resigns. He cannot afford to lose a day, and would rather split with the conservatives than compromise with them and risk delay.

Sure, the Liberals will be left at each other’s throats, but exactly when did Turnbull care about the Liberals – or what he called “the Turnbull Coalition team” last election.

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