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Today’s music video is Ain’t That A Shame and the song is performed here by the legendary American musician ‘Fats’ Domino, who sadly passed away this last week.

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I have often mentioned at these Music Posts how that word ‘legend’ is so loosely bandied around these days, but when it comes to Fats Domino, that term is a natural, as he really was a legend.

At one time, he was probably the second largest music star, after Elvis Presley in all forms of popular music. He started out in Rhythm and Blues, but crossed over into the mainstream charts. He was the first R&B musician to make R&B popular to mainstream audiences. With his easy style on the piano, and a voice that was just so cool, it made his songs so easy on the ear.

While he had almost a dozen Number One hits on the R&B charts, he didn’t have a mainstream National Number One, and his absolute Classic, Blueberry Hill, was his highest Mainstream Hit, peaking at Number Two. He still had a dozen Top Ten hits on the mainstream charts and five of them went inside the Top Five.

While I always loved Blueberry Hill, this song I have featured today, Ain’t That A Shame was always my favourite song of his. There’s no rhyme or reason as to why you prefer one song over another, even if that other song was a bigger hit, it’s just the way it is, and this is not the only time where something like that has happened when it came to my musical tastes.

As it was, this song was a mainstream national Top Ten hit for him, as well as a Number One on the R&B charts. It sold well over a million copies, and keep in mind this song was released in 1955, and a million copies of any record in those days is not what it is in this day and age.

‘Fats’ wrote the song with band leader Dave Bartholomew, and this pair formed a formidable composing duo in the 50s and 60s.

It was ad to hear of his passing this week, but what a wonderful legacy he has left us, hit songs that are timeless and will be played as long as music remains popular. ‘Fats’ Domino really was a legend.

Vale ‘Fats’ Domino.

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