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Today’s music video is Single Girl and the song is performed here by the American Popular and Country singer Sandy Posey.

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This video was posted to You Tube by Henk Brugge

Why I remember this song so well is because it was a big hit here in Australia as I went off to join the Royal Australian Air Force and during those early Months when I was in such a whole new environment, and it was one of the songs I really liked at that time.

Sandy Posey started out as a session singer for such artists as Percy Sledge, Bobby Goldsboro, Tommy Roe, and also one session as a backing vocalist for Elvis Presley. While she was still only just 21 years old, her manager got her to make a Demo Tape of a song written by Martha Sharpe. That song was Born A Woman, and while she was not all that confident, the producer of all those backing sessions was really taken with the song and he then got her a solo contract.

That song became a pretty big hit in the U.S. and here in Australia, it went to Number Two on the National Charts late in 1966, and while the song was ‘covered’ by the Australian singer Judy Stone, both versions were played on radio, and they charted together.

She followed it almost immediately with the song I have featured today, Single Girl, also written by Martha Sharpe. That song started to chart here in Australia in early January of 1967. It rose steadily up the local and National Charts peaking at Number 4 and remaining in the charts for 16 weeks in all.

While her first song was more along the lines of (semi) feminism, this song is more about the feelings of that single girl in the song’s title. Both these first two hits of hers sold more than a million copies each.

She followed it up with a song which charted, but not as highly as those first two songs did, and her fourth Single was I Take It Back, which also charted well.

Oddly, while those three biggest Singles of hers all charted nationally in the U.S. they, (all three of them) made it to Number 12 on the National charts in the U.S. Here in Australia, those same three songs all charted inside the Top Five, so realistically, she was a bigger hit here in Australia than she was in the U.S.

As was the case with so many bands and solo artists in those days in the 60s when there was just so much good music around, Sandy Posey had these four hits, and that was about it. She had a good long career out of music, but those songs were her biggest ones.

This one was just another of those songs I remember fondly not because of the song itself, but as part of the big changes in my life that were happening at that time, and each time I hear this song, I’m taken back to those times.

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