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Today’s music video is Speak No Evil and the song is performed here by the New Zealand and Australian Band Dragon.

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Back in the 60s and 70s, some of the biggest names in Australian popular music made the move to England in an attempt to see if they were good enough to make it on the larger music scene. It was almost a rite of passage as all those big names, bands, and solo artists, both male and female all tried to make it to ‘the big time’. Some succeeded, even spectacularly, like The Seekers, The Easybeats, The Bee Gees and some others did, while some made good livings out of it, and some didn’t quite make it, and ended up coming back to Australia, and that was in the main, most of them, and it was only the very best who did make it.

When it came to bands and artists from New Zealand, their big move was ‘across the pond’ to Australia, and some of those bands did in fact do very well. One band especially, Split Enz, who then morphed into Crowded House made it huge in Australia, and then, just like the Australian bands before them, made the move to the UK, where they did make the big time as well. Some bands even attempted to go to the even bigger market in the US, and very few did make it, and one of them, Little River Band became absolutely huge. There were others who made it on bigger stages, but the move from New Zealand to Australia was enough for some artists and bands.

One of those bands which did make that move here to Australia was a band named Dragon, led by their singer Marc Hunter, and at one time, they were in fact one of the biggest bands in Australia. There was something a little ironic about this move from new Zealand. if the band or artist did in fact do well here in Australia, then Australia claimed them as true blue Aussies, and if they were just average, then they remained identified as New Zealanders.

Dragon arrived here in Australia, after becoming big in New Zealand, and then started the arduous task of making it big here in Australia. because they were in fact a good band, they did make it, and they appeared regularly on that huge Australian TV music show, Countdown.

The band had three minor hits from their first Australian album, (their second album) and one of them Get That Jive made it into the National Top Ten, just, but on the back of those three hits, they had now made it here and they became quite well known. From their next album, the Single April Sun In Cuba almost made it to Number One, peaking at Number Two.

Their fifth album, released in 1978, O Zambezi was far away their best album, almost topping the albums chart for them, and that album gave the band their only Number One smash hit single, Are You Old Enough.

While I thought the band was okay, their music was not really enough to make me go out and get hold of their albums, as the band aimed their music at the younger people flat out Pop Music.

It took until their eighth album, Dreams of Ordinary Men, released in 1986, for me to find a song of theirs which I did like, and that was the title song, released as a Single but only performing moderately on the charts, The second single from the album is the song I have featured today, Speak No Evil, another song that I did like and again, a song which only performed moderately on the National Charts peaking only midway into that Top Forty list of hits.

The band were always in work and were still popular, both on TV and also as a live touring act.

They were also beset with problems, losing two of their members to drug overdoses, and it was well known that they were involved in that drug scene.

They attempted to make the move to the U.S. but that tour ended in ignominious failure, and the band relocated back to Australia.

The band’s front man, leader, and singer Marc Hunter died of throat cancer in 1998, still only in his forties, a sad loss.

Their music is still played regularly on Australian radio, a band that did make a success of their move to Australia.

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