Climate Change Australia – The ABC Attacks Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott: All Abuse And No Reason

Posted on Thu 10/12/2017 by


By Andrew Bolt ~

Here in Australia, the ABC’s coverage of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s speech in London recently on global warming has been a disgrace. There has been no attempt at all to engage with the important arguments he made, and instead, every attempt has been made to shoot the messenger. Examples: consider the efforts of James Glenday and Andrew Probyn. Juvenile.

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James Glenday:

… headline grabbing politicians … controversial, bite-sized observations … his musings … a snappy way to create outrage … the cheapest commodity in modern politics … You don’t want pesky journalists challenging your arguments … why you didn’t make any of these controversial points when you were actually prime minister … fairly predictable … controversial … a self-appointed keeper of the conservative flame

Andrew Probyn:

Having drenched the work of climate scientists with contemptuous spittle, the real Tony Abbott has emerged … his previous pretence … from the fringe …

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