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Today’s music video is Summer (The First Time) and the song is performed here by the American singer songwriter Bobby Goldsboro.

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Last week, I mentioned how in recent years, some songs have had the lyrics leaving nothing to the imagination, sometimes with ‘questionable’ language that in earlier days they could not have gotten away with. In the 60s and into the 70s, some of the songs lyrics said similar things, but in those days, the suggestiveness was mainly in your own minds, and sometimes you had to really pay attention to what was being sung about, and then think about it later.

This is another of those songs from the 70s where the lyrics were quite suggestive, and in fact this song was quite controversial at the time it was released.

This beautiful song, Summer (The First Time) was a minor hit in the U.S. for Bobby Goldsboro in 1973, but the song was huge in England, going inside the Top Five on the National Charts there. It was only a minor hit here in Australia on the National Popular Music Charts, but where I was living at the time, one of the local radio stations I listened to played the song quite often, and I really liked the song, not because of the sexual nature of what was being sung about in the lyrics, but because of the beautiful melody, and the way the instruments were handled, with a repeating ‘riff” on the piano, Bobby Goldsboro playing a 12 string guitar, and a nice orchestral arrangement to back it all up.

Bobby Goldsboro left Auburn University at the end of his second year to pursue a career in the music industry. He started out as a session musician, a guitarist, and after two years playing in Roy Orbison’s backing band he left in 1964 to pursue a solo career. He had 25 minor songs over the next four years, two of which made it into the Top Ten before his monster hit of 1968, the Bobby Russell written song Honey which Goldsboro recorded in one take. Honey was a monster Number One smash hit all across the World, including here in Australia where it was in the charts for almost six Months, and it spent five weeks at Number One. That one song set Goldsboro’s career up for life. Nothing he did from that point on could match the success of Honey, but after that one, why would it need to.

This song, Summer (The First Time) which Goldsboro wrote himself was among the biggest of those songs that did follow, and came out in 1973, five years after Honey.

Virtually on the back of that one huge hit, Bobby Goldsboro also had his own syndicated TV series for three years in the early to mid 70’s.

These days, a song with the overtly sexual themes as expressed in this song would be treated differently, and even then the connotations of this theme back in the early 70s even saw some radio stations not playing this song. These days it would probably be done in rap, and have an R Classification.

That’s why it’s so nice to go back to a time when a good melody, a strong piano riff, 12 string acoustic guitar, and a melodic orchestral backing backed up a wonderfully lyrical song.

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