Blame Las Vegas On Donald Trump And Former Australian Prime Ministers John Howard And Tony Abbott

Posted on Thu 10/05/2017 by


By Andrew Bolt ~

Steve Biddulph is an Australian author, activist and a also a psychologist, which is handy. He could give himself free treatment to deal with his habit of viciously abusing people he does not know and his disturbing tendency to associate conservatives with the psychopathic Las Vegas killer.

In fact, the remarkable thing about his latest vomit is that Biddulph reacts to the Las Vegas massacre not by abusing the gunman but conservatives in Australia, plus, but of course, Donald Trump:

Was I the only one who reacted this way to the carnage in Las Vegas? …

Messed-up men define our times. After all, what is Donald Trump but an ego-bound baby-man, spraying the whole planet with his verbal bullets? Causing vast destruction to trust, cohesion and world stability. Toxic masculinity has reached historical heights in a time when we all hoped progressive values would carry us through. We’ve missed something fatally important, and I think it’s the psychology of men.

Dysfunctional men loom over business. Domestic politics is full of them. As a retired psychologist, I feel a duty to be blunt. John Howard was a dismal human being, heartless and self-seeking, he lowered the bar on our nation’s humanity and gleefully joined in a tragic war. Tony Abbott still slinking Gollum-like through the halls of power, unable to let go of his Precious. Peter Dutton somehow emotionally empty, justifying his cruelties to vulnerable men, women and kids. Eric Abetz, jaw so clenched he can barely speak, erupting splenetically about homosexuality’s threat to civilisation. These were little boys once, what happened to them?

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