Gay Marriage Australia – Attorney General George Brandis Attacks Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott On The Free Speech Brandis Just Sold Out

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Australia’s Attorney General George Brandis two weeks ago helped pass new laws limiting debate on gay marriage, and – even more sinister – giving him  the power to decide if and when these laws will be applied.

But it turns out this self-proclaimed warrior for free speech is not just a hypocrite. He also seems clueless about what free speech means:

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s outrage over a song about gay marriage being sung at the NRL grand final is “bizarre”, Attorney-General George Brandis says.

The Attorney-General took a swipe at his Liberal Party colleague this morning for the comments saying: “I thought Mr Abbott believed in free speech.”

Senator Brandis, who has been advocating for a Yes vote in the postal survey, said there was no issue with American rapper Benjamin Haggerty, known as Macklemore, singing Same Love at Sunday’s final…

“Footy fans shouldn’t be subjected to a politicised grand final. Sport is sport!” Mr Abbott wrote on Twitter.

First of all, Abbott is not asking for Macklemore to be prosecuted, fined, jailed or in any way restricted by law from singing whatever comes into his head. That indeed would suggest Abbott had compromised on his free speech stand.

What Abbott is saying is that singing a song in seeming support of same-sex marriage at a grand final attended by many fans who are against it is to politicise the event, potentially offend almost half the audience and cause division at what should be a celebration of sport.

His is a time-and-place argument. Macklemore should not sing that song at that event, just like Brandis should refrain from discussing politics in a wedding speech. Macklemore is legally free to sing what he wishes, but Abbott would rather he sang something more appropriate to the occasion.

As it turns out, Brandis is himself a time-and-place guy, which makes him a hypocrite twice over:

Federal Attorney-General George Brandis has condemned Pauline Hanson after the One Nation leader came to Question Time in the Senate wearing a burka…

“Senator Hanson, I am not going to pretend to ignore the stunt that you have tried to pull today by arriving in the Chamber dressed in a burka when we all know that you are not an adherent of the Islamic faith… To ridicule that community, to drive it into a corner, to mock its religious garments is an appalling thing to do and I would ask you to reflect on what you have done.”

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