Gay Marriage Australia – Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott Bashed, Gay Marriage Supporters Cheer

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Not the principle but the side: gay-marriage campaigners don’t mind bullying and violence after all. Peter Mattesi, director of the Australian Writers Guild, cheers the yes-supporter who headbutted former Prime Minister Tony Abbott: “I would *love* to headbutt Tony Abbott.

Tim Blair finds a lot of other Leftists love this violence, too.

Far-Left ABC commentator Paul Bongiorno complains that the man who headbutted Abbott was unhelpful to the cause, with Abbott “milking” the assault:

That seems to be a theme.

From the first paragraphs of The Age report, it seems you are invited to believe Tony Abbott is lying:

Tasmanian police will investigate Tony Abbott’s claim that he was headbutted by a same-sex marriage supporter in Hobart on Thursday after the former prime minister lodged a formal complaint.

But Mr Abbott only made his complaint to police when they phoned him after learning of the incident via media interviews.

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