Gay Marriage Australia – AFL Bullies Fans Over Same-Sex Marriage

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Why is the AFL (Australian Football League) imposing a collective position on what should be an individual decision – and when perhaps 40 per cent of players and spectators have a different point of view? “The AFL has divided its fans, clubs and some of its biggest names by publicly endorsing a yes vote in the national same-sex marriage survey.”

Bravo to the Carlton Football Club for the having the integrity to protest:

But a number of past players and coaches on Wednesday night questioned the league’s role in the debate and its decision to back one side.

Premiership coach Mick Malthouse opposed the AFL stance.

“The AFL will only polarise people and really has no right to be involved in the political world of marriage equality,” he said.

Carlton on Wednesday became the first club to publicly move against backing the AFL’s stance, saying the debate was “about personal choice”.

This is bullying by the AFL – an abuse of power by those running the organisation.

And I’d say the same if they’d advocated a “no” vote instead.

This is high-handed. Arrogant. Treating the fans like children needing tuition.

If this is about making more people feel welcome, it will have the completely opposite result, as Collingwood legend Tony Shaw points out:

The thing that is horrible about this, is the yes vote now — everybody says it’s about unity and peace and love and all that — but now it has become pretty ordinary. There’s a lot of vilification going around for people who are voting no.

Rita Panahi:

You would think the AFL would be a little gun shy about lecturing the masses on matters of morality just two months after three of its senior managers were forced to resign for misconduct or on-field violence.

If league bosses can’t stop their highly remunerated executives from ploughing the junior ranks of female employees or punching an unsuspecting bloke in the head during a football match then what authority do they have to moralise to voters about the Marriage Act?


Personally, I support same-sex marriage but do not need sporting bodies, councils, banks, airlines or phone companies to lecture me about an issue that has nothing to do with their operations.

What consideration have these organisations given to the views of employees and clientele who do not support it? It’s one thing for individuals, including celebrities and sporting stars, to take a stand on social and political issues but quite another for an organisation that is supposed to encompass the diverse views of its staff and the wider community.

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