Climate Change Australia – Tim Flannery’s Latest Prediction Blown Away

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Professional climate alarmist Tim Flannery  first became famous for his dud predictions after predicting cities such as Brisbane and Sydney were likely to run out of water very quickly because of man-made global warming.

For instance, in 2007 he predicted:

So even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems…

But it was another dud Flannery prediction. Back came the flooding rains, filling dams – some to overflowing.

Now a new dud Flannery prediction has emerged.

Two years ago Flannery could not resist trying to exploit another weather event to preach his warmist faith -and once again did it on the ABC, no doubt knowing it would not question him on his dodgy record:

Vanuatu has a long road of recovery ahead after the category-five [Cyclone Pan] struck the country on Friday night, killing 11 people and displacing thousands…

Chief Councillor Professor Tim Flannery tells ABC NewsRadio’s Laura Tchilinguirian that the number of severe cyclones is predicted to increase as the warming affects the ocean surface.

“Elements of the damage wreaked by that cyclone [in Vanuatu] are being influenced quite strongly by climate change,” he says.

Sadly we’re more likely to see them more frequently in the future.”

This was already a ludicrous claim, given the fall in number of cyclones here and overseas over the past few decades.

But over the very next year something astonishing happened. We actually got not one strong cyclone in Australia for first time in many decades:

With thanks to Liberal MP Craig Kelly, who notes:

The BOM report, that for first time since regular satellite images became available, that the 2015/16 cyclone season (the first cyclone season after Tim Flannery predicted the number of severe cyclones would increase) was only season not to record even a single severe tropical cyclone (minimum central pressure less than 970 hPa) in the Australian region.

This compares to 31 years ago, when 11 severe tropical cyclones were recorded in just one season.

Yes, he’s done it again !


Chris Mitchell:

This paper’s environment editor, Graham Lloyd,… pointed out [this month’s Hurricane] Irma had formed in a part of the Atlantic with unusually cool ocean surface temperature averaging 26.5C, about two degrees less than usual for such an intense storm.

He also skewered the latest bulletin from the Climate Council, led by palaeontologist climate ­activist Tim Flannery, titled: “Fingerprints of climate change all over Tropical Storm Harvey”. Climate Council chief executive Amanda McKenzie had claimed “climate change is now supercharging extreme weather events”.

Lloyd cited the latest scientific paper from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that concluded it was premature to suggest human activities had ­already had a detectable impact on Atlantic hurricane or global tropical cyclone activity.

Accept the science is the cry from green extremists, but they don’t really.

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