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Today’s music video is Come And Get It and the song is performed here by the English group, Badfinger.

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In 1968, The Beatles were the biggest name in popular music. They were so big, they started their own record label, Apple Records. Having your own record label is one thing, and The Beatles could have kept it going with just themselves, but they went out and started signing up other acts as well, and the first band that was signed up was a group from Wales called The Iveys. They had come to the notice of the band via their personal manager, and The Beatles were impressed with the songwriting ability of the new band. Even so, the band submitted songs for recording and kept getting knocked back.

Paul McCartney heard of this and came to their assistance. He had a song for them to record, one he had written for an upcoming music movie called The Magic Christian. The new band were really excited that none other than Paul McCartney had taken an interest, and, well, quite naturally, they loved the song, Come And Get It. The band suggested a change here and there, because, confident in their own songwriting ability, they wanted anything from them to have their own stamp on it. However, Paul McCartney said that he wanted it recorded exactly as he had it written, music and lyrics. The band didn’t actually disagree now, because they had a pretty good idea that the song would be a hit, and this would probably launch a good career for them. The only change that they did make was to change their name from The Iveys to Badfinger.

The song was released and did in fact become a pretty big hit for them, not just in the UK, but also in America, here in Australia, and a number of other Countries as well, and everywhere it was a hit, the song was inside the Top Five.

The band was now set, and their next three songs also went into the Top Five in a number of Countries, all of them written by the band themselves. Badfinger was probably one of the next biggest bands around for a couple of years on the back of those four hits. The third of those songs, Day After Day was their biggest hit of them all, and it made it to Number Two.

Besides recording and releasing their own material as a band, they also played as session musicians for some of the other artists signed up to Apple Records as well. The band’s leader Paul Ham later wrote a song called Without You, a song that was later recorded by the American singer Harry Nilsson in 1972, and that song was a Worldwide Number One smash hit.

The band suffered major setbacks when Apple Records was dissolved a few years later, with The Beatles fighting over who got what in the breakup of that huge Corporation. They also had some problems with their management, some internal problems in the band itself, and then money problems during the folding up of Apple Records.

For three years or so, this band was one of the biggest going around, and during the time they were with Apple, they recorded five albums in four years.

It’s just another case of a song written by one or another of The Beatles being made into a hit by another band or solo artist, proving just how good those four members of The Beatles really were.

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