Electrical Power Generation Australia – Government Must Forget Any Electricity Deal With Labor

Posted on Thu 09/14/2017 by


By Andrew Bolt ~

David Uren spells it out – with the Australian Labor Party offering only the “certainty” of a Third World electricity system, the Liberal/National Coalition Government (Conservatives) have little option but a partial renationalisation:

Other countries are wrestling with the same problems as climate change policies force greater adoption of intermittent renewable sources. As a new report from the Grattan Institute notes, Britain, France, Ireland and several US states are paying generating companies to guarantee a level of baseload capacity. Taxpayers foot the bill for generating electricity, whether needed or not. The Finkel review rejected this as too radical a step and recommended instead a new reliability obligation on new renewables plants, which would need to be able to supply power for four hours after the wind or sun stopped, whether through batteries, diesel or other power sources. If implemented rigorously, this could bring investment in renewables to a halt.

The generators told the Finkel review the biggest factor impeding investment was the policy malaise. With Labor promising a 50 per cent renewables target and the Coalition deeply divided over carbon emissions policy, there is little prospect of any bipartisan settlement. Instead, a creeping renationalisation appears likely.

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