Energy And Environmental Newsletter – September 5th 2017

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Longtime readers know that one of my key themes is that lobbyists (e.g. AWEA) have an inordinate influence on our energy and environmental policies. Watch this TV interview (of the author of the new book The Business of America is Lobbying”) — who makes some great points that directly apply to our situation.

This Newsletter also has a special section on Hurricane Harvey — with several articles dispelling the claim that this is a global warming event. Here is a good article about helping these unfortunate people. I recommend a donation to an established charity, with low operating expenses — like this.

Greed Energy Economics:

The True Cost of Solar Electricity

Study: New York’s climate goal—staggering costs, no benefits

A Review of the Regional Green Gas Initiative

NYS energy leaders lay out an early blueprint for carbon pricing

Californians in danger of losing their homes as “green energy” loans default

Trump’s solar plan has industry nervous

Yet another renewable energy boondoggle

Turbine Health Matters:

Wind Project affecting well water quality?

Wind developer tries to redefine what is a residence

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:

Study: Turbines reduce the productivity of surrounding vegetation

Farmers Near Turbines Face Headaches

NY Fishermen vs Big Wind

Solar Energy Is Making Our Planet Sick

Miscellaneous Energy News:

Hidden consequences of intermittent electricity production

Integrating the supposed “social cost of carbon” into wholesale power markets

MIT: Researchers Announce Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough

DOE staff releases their Energy Reliability Study

These are my observations on the DOE study

Some other comments are: here, here, here, here and here.

The Footprint of Energy: Land Use of U.S. Electricity Production

Scientific American spoofed on wind energy

Coal plants provide reliable electricity

German Wind Market Threatening to Implode

Oklahoma Attorney General Seeks to Block Largest US Wind Facility

A nanotechnology overnight sensation 30 years in the making!

Concrete Gravity Trains for Energy Storage?

Fair Trade for Thee, but Not for Me

Challenging authority is essential for Scientific progress

MIT: A Thorium-Salt Reactor Has Fired Up for the First Time in Four Decades

Holtec targets Canada SMR

Manmade Global Warming Articles:

Taking politics out of climate science

An Inconvenient Deception: How Al Gore Distorts Climate Science and Energy Policy

Sea Level Rise Manipulation

Naomi Oreskes: VooDoo Scholarship

President scraps federal climate change advisory panel

Computer Program: ‘Global warming not caused by humans’

Study proves that the Earth has a natural thermostat

Peter’s Corner presents: Winds of Change

A critique of the book “Drawdown…”

Upcoming Vatican Climate Change meeting

Senior Researcher Questions Satellite Measurements of Global Sea-Level

Only 28% Believe that Climatologists Understand Climate Change Very Well

Chesapeake Bay Water Intrusion — Not Due to Sea Level Rise

August Arctic Ice Is Not Alarming

Oil and Gas Production not Causing Methane Increase

NASA Senior Scientist Crushes Gore’s New Climate Change Book

Canadian agency drops investigation into climate change “denier” billboards, ads

Weather Channel founder denies climate change

Some Hurricane Harvey Articles

Why Houston Flooding Isn’t a Sign of Climate Change

Global Warming and Hurricane Harvey

Bjorn Lomberg re Hurricanes

Dr. Judith Curry: Hurricane Harvey

Natural Disasters and Climate Change

Coastal wetlands dramatically reduce property losses during hurricanes

Reducing CO2 Emissions Is Not a Useful Substitute for Effective Stormwater Management

Study: Climate-driven variability in the occurrence of major floods across North America and Europe

Drowning The Fake News About Hurricane Harvey

Shame on the eco-ghouls exploiting Hurricane Harvey

Major Hurricane US Strikes Over Past 57 Years Plummet

No, Michael Mann, Global Warming Didn’t Cause Hurricane Harvey’s Devastation


Please pass this information on to other open-minded, science-oriented people.

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John Droz, Jr.

Physicist and Environmental Advocate

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