Gay Marriage Australia – Fathers’ Day TV Ad Pulled: Too ‘Political’ To Praise Dads

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By Andrew Bolt ~

TonyfromOz prefaces:

Unlike most places in the World, Fathers’ Day here in Australia is celebrated on the first Sunday in September, and that day is tomorrow. The Group which brought out the TV ad featured below is an Australian group called Dads4Kids, and for many years now they have been bringing out TV ads of a similar nature to this one, all of which have never encountered any problems at all on previous occasions. In celebration of Fathers’ Day this year, this same group brought out the new TV ad featured below, a message straight from the heart. However, in the lead up to the Gay Marriage vote here in Australia, this TV ad had suddenly been deemed to be too political in its nature, and has not gained approval from the FreeTV Association of Australia to be broadcast on free to air TV. How anyone at all can see a political message in this one minute TV is beyond me. Have we all gone absolutely insane. This is political correctness gone overboard…..TonyfromOz.

Here’s the militant new world forced on us by activists against the traditional definition of marriage – where even the word “dad” is a political statement.

More will come, of course, as traditional marriage is deemed by law to be oppressively restrictive:

A heart-tugging television commercial celebrating Fath­er’s Day by promoting the ­special role of fathers in the lives of their children has been pulled after being deemed too “polit­ical” ahead of the government’s same-sex ­marriage postal ballot.

This year’s commercial — featuring a father singing his baby a lullaby — will not be broadcast after Free TV Australia, representing the free-to-air commercial networks, informed­ not-for-profit group Dads4Kids that its Father’s Day ads “likely contained political matter”…

In its statement, Dads4Kids said the majority of free-to-air TV networks across Australia had “graciously run these ads for free as a community service ­announcement” for 15 years.

“Unfortunately, what is a simple­ Father’s Day message has now become a ‘political’ statement,” the group said…

The written advice from Free TV’s legal counsel to Dads4Kids warned the commercial had been “brought to our attention by the networks as potentially containing political matter” and that a review had upheld this assessment.

The advice suggested the commercial be changed to include, for the first time, a political “authorisation tag” to adhere to conditions in the Broadcasting Services Act.

It also referred Dads4Kids to the guidelines issued by the Advertising Standards Bureau “in light of the same-sex marriage plebiscite” and which define political advertising as “comment upon a matter which is currently the subject of extensive political debate”.

The same-sex marriage lobby keeps accusing opponents of using “red herrings” and “scare tactics” in warning that the plebiscite is not just about allowing gays to marry but about the freedom to speak and to dissent.

They lie.

By their actions, again and again, they have demonstrated that the campaign to change the law is pushed by those who believe in the use of state power to crush dissent by word and deed.

Their own actions make this poll exactly what they claim it is not: a vote for free speech and against bullying.

Simply dismissing such concerns as irrelevant is as dishonest as it is futile. The yes campaign doesn’t get to decide for the rest of us which issues may be discussed and which not.

Freedom is the issue. Let them say how they intend to protect it.

So why don’t they? It is because the bullying is actually the cause. The power over others is the goal. The vilification is the fun.

Not for all activists, I accept that. But for the rest, they are creating exactly the fears they so airily dismiss.

If anything will lose the yes case the plebiscite it is the yes campaigners.

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