Gay Marriage Australia – “Don’t Cheer For Gay Sports Stars” Comment Fine, Says ABC

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By Andrew Bolt ~

I said the questioning by ABC presenter Joe ‘O’Brien was bat-crazy.


A complaint of bias has been made against the ABC after a news presenter appeared to suggest gay marriage opponents had no right to cheer gay athletes, such as Ian Thorpe.

The Australian Christian Lobby last night said the same-sex marriage No campaign had complained to the federal government about the line of questioning from ABC News24 presenter Joe O’Brien to its lobbyist Lyle ­Shelton last Friday.

No wonder:

In the live interview O’Brien asked: “Lyle Shelton, did you cheer on and take pride in Ian Thorpe and his achievements at multiple Olympic Games?”

Thorpe has backed the same-sex marriage Yes campaign.

Mr Shelton began to reply, “Yeah, of course. I think Ian Thorpe is a great Australian and a great athlete, but what we are talking about here …”, but was cut-off by O’Brien.

The presenter went further: “What right do you have to participate in that joy and take national pride in those achievements if you now deny him the right to feel like an equal and experience the joy of marriage?”

Shelton is stunned:

“I haven’t encountered much (ABC) balance on this issue since the debate began … but this particular line of questioning is probably among the most bizarre that I’ve heard,” Mr Shelton said last night. “It does worry me that this mindset exists on the other side of the debate that even wants to take away the freedom of those who will always support marriage (as) between a man and woman to even enjoy their sport.”

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The ABC, incredibly, is perfectly fine with O’Brien’s bizarrely hostile line of questioning:

The ABC rejected the bias claim last night. “It was a ‘devil’s advocate’ question and not inconsistent with standards,” media manager Sally Jackson said.

Small problem. O’Brien asked that question as if he really believed such a baseless and offensive proposition had real merit.

Did he ask the other guest, pro-same-sex marriage supporter Christine Forster something equally offensive and absurd – something, say, about the risk of bestiality? And would he still have a job had he done so?

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