Gay Marriage Australia – Ireland’s Warning: First Gay Marriage, Then Your Freedoms Will Fall

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Here in Australia, activists – even Attorney-General George Brandis – claim the same-sex marriage plebiscite has nothing to do with freedom of speech and religion.

Really? Check what happened in Ireland the minute gay marriage was made legal. Let these same activists here in Australia swear they will oppose such intolerance here. Don’t believe their airy assurances.

In Ireland:

Ireland has stripped away laws which protected the rights of people to freedom of religion when in conflict with gay rights. The move comes just weeks after the first Irish gay weddings went ahead, following a referendum to allow gay marriage earlier this year.

Following the landslide defeat for opponents of same sex marriage – the referendum was lost by 62 per cent in favour of gay marriage to 38 per cent against – Ireland’s Parliament has been busy with a slate of reforms designed to cement the rights of gay people within Irish law, Pink News has reported.

On Tuesday night the latest bastion against religious intolerance was swept away, as the Dáil voted unanimously to repeal Section 37 of the state’s Employment Equality Act. Section 37 granted specific exemptions for “religious, educational or medical institutions” when it came to gay rights, allowing them “to maintain the religious ethos of the institution”.

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