‘Terrorism Knows No Color’

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By Frank Salvato ~

The title is a quote from a Facebook post in reaction to the senseless and fatal attack that took place at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday. Truer words have seldom been spoken. Frankly, the divisive lunacy masquerading as a push for tolerant “diversity” – now turning belligerent and violent in many instances – simply must stop.

The Progressive Left has done a number on the American people. Slowly, drip by drip for over one-hundred years, Progressives have transformed our nation from one where people came from differing backgrounds to become one people (e pluribus unum – “out of many, one”), into a Balkanized almost tribal society where uneducated (or quasi-educated) people with distant generational connections to foreign lands and cultures identify in compartmentalized factions so as to tear the fabric of e pluribus unum apart.

Ward Connerly, a former regent in the California university system — and a friend, said it most eloquently in his response to this event:

“For decades, our political class, academia, the overall media and others have been promoting diversity, instead of unity, and a form of identity politics that most assuredly would mobilize mobs and hate from many disparate forces. Now that this has happened, we cannot take the moral high ground and pretend that as a society we bear no responsibility for what is occurring…The quest for ‘diversity’ inherently accentuates our differences. Unity promotes what we have in common.”

Hate, which itself is a byproduct of an egotistical sense of superiority to others, envy or a schizophrenic combination of both, is not about the color of a person’s skin, his religion, ideology or nationality. It is about the shallow and underdeveloped mind; minds incapable of recognizing the overabundance of things Americans have in common (things that constitute e pluribus unum), which has been manipulated by the ideological opportunists of the Progressive Left to embrace a debilitating tribal mentality.

Disagreement is going to happen in a free society. It’s how members of that society engage in disagreements that define whether they are an advanced society or an adolescent society. Sadly, thanks to the insincere diversity push by the Progressive Left, we are devolving from an emotional and intellectually advanced society (circa the Civil Rights movement) to an adolescent society where violence and censorship are deemed acceptable tools to employ in disagreements.

The politically correct, multicultural diversity scam is one that political charlatans foist on nations to divide and conquer the people. Once they divide the people, they swoop in with solutions (most always governmental) that socially engineer even as they rob free people of rights and freedoms. As the intellectually stunted, brown-shirted, miscreants of society (read: the violently ideological, anarchists, and supremacists of every stripe) unwittingly do the violent work so needed by their ideological masters to claim legitimacy, our uniquely American society splinters and e pluribus unum disappears.

Connorly once said, and I paraphrase: to erase racism we should quest to erase “race” from our society. I am going to take that a step further to move beyond the singular issue of race. If we are to find our way back to being a cohesive people, and an advanced society as a nation, we must dispense with the disingenuous idea of “diversity” the Progressive Left is using to Balkanize our country.

We must also move beyond simply condemning violence and censorship in all their forms and channels, and start exacting severe prices from those who execute, condone, facilitate or otherwise champion these oppressive totalitarian acts. Political correctness, out of which both violence and censorship glean moral relativism, is itself a weapon wielded against freedom.

As Americans – and a people who have amassed as e pluribus unum – we are, by definition, diverse. We come from many nations with differing cultures and belief systems only to land here to coalesce into a unique society with a unique culture that, when left unsoiled by the ideologically manipulative, has become the most successful social experiment in the history of the world.

Oliver Wendell Holmes is quoted as saying: “The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.” This must apply to ideology as well. We are experiencing the consequences when it doesn’t.

FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Frank Salvato is the Executive Director for BasicsProject.org a grassroots, non-partisan, research and education initiative. Mr. Salvato sits on the board of directors for Founders Alliance USA, a solutions-oriented non-profit organization. He also serves as the managing editor for NewMediaJournal.us.

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