Massages, Songs And A Tent City Up-Yours To Those Who Work

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Sydney’s tent city is a monument to the weakness of our political leadership, not least in defending the virtues of self-reliance and responsibility from the hand-out claims of the wilfully aggrieved.

Here’s a pen picture of that dystopia, which includes a trade union choir singing hymns to the shiftless and resentful:

If the makeshift library and working piano were not enough to convince a person the Martin Place tent city isn’t an average encampment for the homeless, they might have come to the conclusion while taking part in a mid-evening yoga lesson.

Certainly, that was the moment — while failing to touch my toes — that it all became clear. No one knew yoga teacher Jasmine Oh and accomplice Mike Allwright would be swanning in from Sydney’s northern beaches but they had mats and a pressing urge to just do something, you know?

It was the Sydney Trade Union Choir that loosened the lid, so to speak, on the realisation.

A dozen of the chorallers turned up at the mass of tents to sing working-class anthems, ­including one about a textile strike in which the workers are said to have claimed they wanted bread, but roses too. A choice song asks of its listeners to “bugger the bankers and politicians, bugger the bureaucrats too, bugger the buggers who make up the rules and if you’re one of them, bugger you”.

Dear God. The bankers and politicians are to blame for the mistakes and misfortunes – and in some cases the crimes – of the tent city inhabitants?

And they “make up the rules” for the rest of us? In what wild world is democracy seen as a conspiracy of bankers?

Lanz Priestly lies in his wheelbarrow at the Sydney tent City.

Before you bleed too much for these tent city people, here’s the truth about the “mayor”:

The part-time homeless “mayor” of the tent city in Sydney’s Martin Place has a long criminal history of serious assaults against young women and police, as well as theft, threat and driving offences.

Lanz Priestly has crafted a web of misdirection about almost every part of his life, refusing to answer questions about a business of which he was a director and using a list of aliases across the country. While Mr Priestly says he is 72 years old, police and company records, and a former close friend, say he is 59.

The New Zealand activist, born in May 1958 with the name Rutene Lanceforde Priestly, racked up a criminal record in his home country in the 1970s for theft and attempted burglary ­before he moved to Australia permanently in the 1980s.

Court documents lodged in Queensland for his prior offences describe serious assault of police and a further two counts of ­assaulting police in October 1994 before his behaviour escalated and he almost killed a man with a boat anchor in 1997.

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