Trump’s New Chief Of Staff: Knows Honour And Sacrifice

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Donald Trump’s White House is in chaos. But his new Chief of Staff knows of honour and of sacrifice:

Before he addressed the crowd that had assembled in the St. Louis Hyatt Regency ballroom last November, Lt. Gen. John F. Kelly (pictured) had one request. “Please don’t mention my son,” he asked the Marine Corps officer introducing him.

Four days earlier, 2nd Lt. Robert M. Kelly , 29, had stepped on a land mine while leading a platoon of Marines in southern Afghanistan. He was killed instantly.

Without once referring to his son’s death, the general delivered a passionate and at times angry speech about the military’s sacrifices and its troops’ growing sense of isolation from society.

Reading this moving piece, I felt that Kelly’s values cannot be questioned. The only issue is his ability to do in the White House what’s necessary. Let us hope.

Read the piece yourself. This is the America I think Trump voters want more of.

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