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Today’s music video is Waiting For The Rain and the song is performed here by the English group Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.

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There’s just no rhyme or reason why a person likes the music they like. Some just love certain bands and others can’t stand them. I had a list of artists and bands I liked, and I would buy most of their albums as they came out. Some of my friends would like one or the other of the ones I liked, but not one person I ever met liked all of names I had on my list of favourites. That list included these five at the top, and there were others, but these five were the main ones. Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Wings, Fleetwood Mac and Manfred Mann, and that last name there, very few people would have heard of. There were (quite a few really) others of course, and foremost among them was The Beatles, but hey, virtually everyone loved The Beatles. That list of five make up around 45 or so of my more than 300 albums on vinyl.

I would get hold of (most of) the new albums each on that list that they brought out, during that timeless period of the ten years of the 1970’s, when all of them were at their peak.

In 1979, all the stars seemed to come together, and over a period of four Months or so, all five of them brought out new albums.

Neil Young brought out Rust Never Sleeps. Wings brought out Back To The Egg, and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band brought out Angel Station, while the two big names Pink Floyd brought out The Wall, and Fleetwood Mac brought out Tusk.

When it came to here in Australia, those albums brought out by English and American artists and bands were released later than they were in their home Countries, naturally, because of the tyranny of distance, and in the main, new albums came to Australia in bulk, usually on ships and in those large containers, and more often than not, they waited till they got a full load of the maximum they could fit into a container, so sometimes, there was a wait of anything up to a Month or two before they arrived, and all you heard of the new music was the Single release on the radio, if there was one at all.

That leads me into the last of those two names from my list, Fleetwood Mac, and Pink Floyd, and their new albums were released late in the year. Because both bands were so huge, those albums were specially brought to Australia close to the time they were released in their home markets, as both albums were highly anticipated. Oddly, there was a hold on the Fleetwood Mac album of a couple of weeks, and both the Mac and the Floyd albums were released almost at the same time, about a week or so apart. Both these albums, Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk and Pink Floyd’s The Wall were double albums, hence the anticipation as this entailed a lot of new music from both bands.

Of those five albums, the only one I didn’t buy was the one from Wings. I was going to get it, but my record guy who was now so in touch with my tastes in music said that this album was nowhere near the standard of his earlier music. I’m not one to usually go by what the music writers say about an album, because I’m sure that in most cases, we were listening to entirely different albums, but when my record guy gave me advice, I usually took it, because I never knew him to be wrong on anything, and there’s a lot of albums in my collection that would not be there without his telling me about them.

I was really looking forward to the release of those double albums from Mac and Floyd, and got hold of them virtually as they were released here in Australia, and my record guy knew I wanted them, so he put them aside for me.

So now I had four new albums from my list of five favourites, and perhaps the least of them was that Manfred Mann album, Angel Station.

So, I thought that the new Neil Young album was okay I guess, but I still liked his earlier music a lot better. I didn’t even get hold of the Wings album. The Pink Floyd double album The Wall was good, but even now it only sits at Number five of my favourite Floyd albums, and I have all 15 of them, on vinyl. Tusk by Fleetwood Mac was good, but again, I liked their earlier, and some of their later music better.

The one album amongst those that I really did like was Angel Station by Manfred Mann.

Probably the only reason I even got hold of the album was that I was already a fan of the band, and even that came about by accident. I went to a concert where they were the headline act back in 1972, expecting it to be the Manfred Mann I remembered from their hits from the mid and late 60’s. It was a surprise to see that this concert was with his new band, and they played only one song from his earlier time. The surprise was actually a good one, because this was undoubtedly the best live concert by a band that I ever went to, and there were a few in those days that I did go to. From that concert onwards, I got hold of each new album this band came out with, and I was not disappointed with any of them, and I have five of the albums from the band in my collection.

This album Angel Station is my favourite from the band, and the song I have featured today is taken from that album. The song was written by the American singer songwriter Billy Falcon, and done really nicely by this band. Manfred plays the keyboards for the band and he was never afraid to experiment with sound, and the use of different instruments for his recordings, and this song heavily features strings and synthesisers. Manfred was also one of those keyboard players who consistently used one of those huge electronic organs made by Hammond, and just taking one of those on tour was a large undertaking, because they were so heavy. Having that Hammond like he did, he also experimented with sound from that as this one organ can reproduce the sounds of a number of different instruments, and Manfred then played these through a Sequencer as well to get the different sounds he produced.

This album got good reviews, but with so many bands and artists with really well known names bringing out blockbuster albums, this album, while well regarded didn’t sell all that well, well, nowhere near as well as those other ones I mentioned above released at around the same time.

I was just so glad that because of that original misunderstanding about what I was going to see, I came to like the music from this wonderful band, because of all the albums that I did get hold of that year, this album was the best of them, and to this day, is still one of my favourite albums in that collection I have.

The video clip is just some background with the studio version of the song, because there are no live clips from the time that I could find of this song.

Isn’t it a funny thing that there are songs you like that virtually no one else has ever heard. That’s the way music is. Every person has their own appreciation of music, and they like what they like.

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