Renewable Power Australia – Save Us From Wind Power

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Terry McCrann:

Clements Gap wind plant in South Australia

Of course the Renewable Energy Target should be abolished. Former — future? — prime minister Tony Abbott is absolutely right.

The RET is the fundamental reason that power prices across the nation have more than doubled to now be among the highest in the world in a country awash with the coal that used to give us the cheapest and most reliable power in the world.

And McCrann on the fake claim that wind power is now cheaper than coal:

In short, it is complete and utter garbage…

The only way they are ‘made cheaper’ is by imposing massive unjustified costs on coal-fired power and giving wind and solar massive direct and indirect subsidies.

And, even then, excusing them from having to provide their own power generation back-up for when, you know, “the wind don’t blow and the sun don’t shine”.

Further, the way renewable energy is mandated to take priority access to power distribution when the wind does choose to blow (or the sun shine), it has the consequence of — insanely — turning baseload coal-fired generation into de facto ‘peaking’ plants, for which they are totally unsuited.

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