Australian Politics – What Cabinet Government?

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made a promise in challenging Tony Abbott to become Prime Minister.

This it Turnbull the day before taking over as PM:

We need to restore traditional cabinet government. There must be an end to policy on the run and captain’s calls.

This is how Turnbull acts now, according to Greg Sheridan:

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

The decision by the Turnbull government to establish an omnibus, security-focused department of home affairs, with Peter Dutton leading the new ministry, changes the Prime Minister has ­described as the most important to the organisation of national ­security in 40 years, never once went to a full cabinet meeting for consideration.

When it was finally spoken about at a meeting of the cabinet national security committee on Tuesday, it was not taken there for any deliberation or evaluation.

Paul Maley:

Less than a week after the Prime Minister announced the changes, a picture is emerging of a rushed, shambolic process that critics across the government believe­ was driven by political expediency rather than good policy.

The Weekend Australian has been told some of the key ministers affected by the changes were not told of the Prime Minister’s decision to go with the idea, which had been under consideration for some time, until just a few days ­before Tuesday’s announcement.

The Weekend Australian also understands that at the time of the announcement there was not one operative document circulated among ministers explaining how the arrangements would work…

Before the announcement, the [National Security Committee of Cabinet] was convened; however, it was not asked to formally evaluate the proposal.

The NSC is composed of the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Attorney-General George Brandis, Defence Minister Marise Payne, Scott Morrison and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

One of the NSC members is a notorious leaker, by the way.

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