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Today’s music video is Silver Threads And Golden Needles and the song is performed here by the English trio The Springfields.

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This song has a surprising place in American popular music history.

In the U.S. when those English singers and bands started coming to the fore in the early 1960s, it was given the label The British Invasion. Ask anybody what was the start of this British Invasion, and in nearly every case, the answer you will get will be that the band that kicked it all off was The Beatles. However, this one song featured today was the very first popular music song to chart on the U.S. National Charts from the UK, and in fact, that was 15 Months before The Beatles started to become huge with the first of their big hits in the U.S. This song charted inside the Top 20 on U.S. National Charts in 1962.

This band, a trio called The Springfields had a large following in the UK already when this song charted in the U.S. and they had a few minor hits in their home Country.

Here in Australia, we more closely followed what was happening in the UK, and our popular music, while having songs from the U.S. was more closely aligned with the UK than the U.S. and this song, while performing only moderately in their home Country, the UK, was a huge Number One smash hit for the band here in Australia.

While the band is known as The Springfields, no one in this trio had that name. The band was formed by Dion O’Brien, and his friend Tim Field, who was later replaced by Mike Hurst. Dion took the stage name of Tom Springfield, and he asked his sister to join them as a trio. His sister was already in a female group, and she had a distinctly powerful voice. Her name was Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O’Brien, but for ease of contact, she had the nickname of Dusty, so when she joined The Springfields, she called herself Dusty Springfield.

This song, Silver Threads And Golden Needles itself was written by Jack Rhodes and Dick Reynolds, and was originally recorded by Wanda Jackson, an American rockabilly singer who was a Country Music artist. The song was a minor hit for her then, and was picked up by Tom Springfield to record and release into the U.S. to see if the trio could make an inroad into that huge music scene there, which it did.

As I mentioned, the song was a huge Number One here in Australia, and was also a hit in other Countries as well. While the song was a moderate hit in the U.S. on mainstream charts, it was their only hit there in the U.S.

That same year, 1962, they had a pretty big hit in their home with another song, Island Of Dreams and I have added that song as a second one for today.

The trio only lasted a further two years and disbanded in 1964. However, what happened next was the launching of the spectacular career of the female singer in this trio, Dusty Springfield.

Tom Springfield has a fairly important place in Australian popular music, as he was the Producer for an Australian band, The Seekers, probably the biggest Australian band at that time in the early and mid 60s. They made their way to England, met Tom Springfield, who pitched them some of his songs which they recorded, and they all became huge Number One Hits for this band, and started their careers off, not only here in Australia, but also in the UK, and also in the U.S. as well.

So, while The Springfields had only a couple of minor hits, they were the first of those British artists and bands to chart in the U.S.

This second song of theirs is Island of Dreams, and while the above clip just shows images of them, this clip shows the trio performing their song, and you can see that distinctive style of Dusty Springfield, and hear her beautiful voice, and see the genesis of those big hairdos she was so famous for. This song was their biggest hit in the UK, making it into the Top Five, also doing the same here in Australia.

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