Climate Change Australia – Hands Off Our Cars, Warmists

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By Andrew Bolt ~

First our politicians turned electricity into a luxury item. Now they want to make cars too expensive as well.

When will the Turnbull government finally call off this global warming crusade that’s punishing the poor without helping the planet?

It’s had its Infrastructure Department figure ways to make us buy cars that emit less of the gases we’re told heat the world dangerously.

On Monday the department released its plan after 18 months of negotiation: carbon dioxide standards for new cars so tough that no SUVs or cheap cars could pass them.

In fact, the cheapest car that could meet these standards is the Outlander PHEV at $50,000.

Under the plan, dealers could sell cars that emit more than the standard, but only if they offset that by selling more cars that emitted less.

The paper also suggests a carbon tax on cars that emit too much — $100 for every extra gram of carbon dioxide per kilometre generated.

All this is expected to add more than $5000 to many popular models, but the media talk of a carbon tax has terrified the government, which yesterday denied it would ever allow it, after all. Yet the government is still working on rules almost certain to make cars more expensive, just as governments have made electricity so expensive, with more price rises this month of up to 20 per cent.

Why inflict this pain on us?

Chief Scientist Alan Finkel was asked last month what difference would be made to the climate if Australia somehow managed to stop emitting 100 per cent of its carbon dioxide.

“Virtually nothing,” Finkel admitted. All these schemes are all pain, no gain. And what are we trying to stop, anyway? Recent scientific papers confirm there’s been much less warming over the past two decades than predicted. Nor have we seen the empty dams, smaller crops and worse cyclones predicted, either.

In fact, all our pain has come from global warming policies, not global warming itself.

Switching us to more wind power, for instance, has driven electricity prices so high that businesses are closing and Australians losing their jobs.

The government has to snap out of this. No wonder many Australians are furious with both big political parties when they’re punished to make a useless gesture to the new green god of the elites.

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