Uhlmann Forgets Who Came Before Trump

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By Andrew Bolt ~

The Australian ABC political commentator Chris Uhlmann today argues that Donald Trump “pressed fast forward on the decline of the United States as a world leader” by going it alone at the G20, leaving the field to Russia and China.

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Sounds plausible, if you forget who Trump replaced. Didn’t Russia and China grow strong by filling the vacuum that was Barack Obama? Didn’t Syria collapse and North Korea develop its nuclear bombs as Obama quit the field and surrender to multilateralism?

Uhlmann wants Trump to not be an outsider at G20. But what was the issue on which he was most isolated?

It was on global warming – the Paris agreement. But check what that agreement did. It committed the US to cut its emissions while letting China and Russia increase their own. In other words, it was designed to weaken the US and strengthen China and Russia.

Isn’t the truth that it was Obama who weakened US influence, and it is now Trump who is asserting it?

Criticism from Merkel and Macron is not evidence of US decline. It is evidence that the US is now more focussed on the interests of the US, and not that of Germany and France.

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