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Today’s music video is A World Without Love and the song is performed here by the English duo Peter And Gordon.

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This song was a huge Number One Smash hit for this young English duo in early 1964. The song was written by Paul McCartney six years earlier when he was only 16 years old. McCartney went on to become one of the founding members of The Beatles, but he never considered this song good enough for The Beatles to record. He fooled around with it with the band a couple of times, but John Lennon always said the first line just cracked him up laughing and told Paul he should have just stopped after that first line ….. ‘Please lock me away’ …..

In late 1963, Paul McCartney started a relationship with young child actress Jane Asher, who was only 17 at the time, a relationship that was to last 5 years. Her brother is one half of the duo who sing this song, Peter Asher. He was two years older than his sister, and was already teamed with Gordon Waller as a singing duo, performing locally, and at some smaller concerts together.

Paul revived the song when he was going with Jane Asher, and by now, The Beatles were the biggest name in World popular music. Paul offered the song first to Billy J Kramer, who with his backing band, The Dakotas, already had a recording contract. Kramer declined the offer from McCartney to record the song. At around the same time, Peter and Gordon finally got a recording contract, and Paul offered them the song, which the two young artists jumped at.

They recorded the song and it was released in early 1964, and immediately shot up the charts in their home, the UK. At the same time, the song was also released in the U.S. and it shot up the charts there, again, all the way to the top, a Number One Smash Hit. The song also reached Number One here in Australia, and this duo now had a solid career ahead of them, on the back of this huge Worldwide hit.

McCartney always thought it ironic that a song he thought not good enough for The Beatles to record would still be a Number One Hit. One might say that because his name was attached to the song, then it was bound to be a hit, but McCartney actually asked for the American pressings of the first run of Singles to be released to have the writer’s name as A.Smith, so the song was a hit on its own without having any reference to the real writer of the song, testament to the fact that The Beatles were in fact not only a huge performing and selling act, but that they wrote good music and lyrics as well.

This was borne out by the fact that during that same year this song was released, 1964, this same song was one of seven songs written by Lennon and McCartney to reach Number One in the U.S. something that has never been achieved or even equalled since that year, 1964, the most number of Number One hits in a calendar year from the one writer, or in this case, a writing combination.

While the duo now had that solid career, they never again had a Number One Hit in their home Country, the UK, but seven of their later releases did get inside the Top Ten, and one of them stalled at Number Two, not quite making it to the top. The duo were big in Australia, and all their songs sold well across the years they were together as an act. In fact, three of their songs made it to Number One here in Australia.

Their final hit was a Top Ten hit in Australia, and my favourite song from this duo, Knight In Rusty Armour, released in late 1966, and early 1967 here in Australia, a song I have featured in these Sunday Music Posts, at this link. The duo stopped recording in late 1968, early 1969.

Peter Asher went on to head up Apple Records Management for artists and repertoire, and is also well known as the Manager and Producer for both Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor, after leaving Apple and moving to the U.S.

This is just another of that plethora of songs from that era which have just a wonderful history attached to them.

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