Australian Politics – Robert Menzies Was No Liberal Wet

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Background from TonyfromOz:

The Liberal Party of Australia is the major political party from the Conservative side of the political divide here in Australia. The Liberal Party was founded in 1945, and led at the start by that giant of Australian politics Robert Menzies who served as Prime Minister of Australia from 1939 till 1941, and then from 1949 till 1966, during that latter time winning seven consecutive Federal elections, and he was the longest serving Prime Minister in Australia’s history. The party was originally broadly from the Centre Right of politics.

The former Treasurer in the John Howard led Coalition Government, Peter Costello once reminded the Liberals that their party founder Robert Menzies was no Wet. In those days, the Liberals actually had to stand for things.

Sir Robert Gordon Menzies

Here is Menzies in 1974:

The main trouble in my state is that we have the State Executive of the Liberal party, which is dominated by what they now call ‘Liberals with a small l’ — that is to say, Liberals who believe in nothing, but who still believe in anything if they think it worth a few votes. The whole thing is tragic…

Why should I, at my age, have to be worrying myself about what is happening to the party which I created, a party which had principles to which I most firmly adhere, principles which have now been completely abandoned by what they call ‘little l’ Liberals.

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