Energy And Environmental Newsletter – July 3rd 2017

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:

Very Good: New EU proposals would kill solar and wind

Study: Evaluation of a proposal for grid power with 100% wind, water, and solar

Climate Change has cost you at least $166 Billion so far

Solar Power Stops Working Well When It’s Hot Outside

Study: The Bottomless Pit — The Economics of Carbon Capture & Storage

Utility suspends work on coal gasification units

Turbine Health Matters:

Falmouth Wind Turbines Shut Down By Courts in Massachusetts

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:

Study: Turbine Effects on Bats Likely Worse Than Thought

Wind Power: High Environmental Costs, Limited Energy Delivered

RI Offshore Wind Turbine May Have Killed Young Whale

Bird Conservation Groups Win Fight Against Great Lakes Wind Project

Study: Solar Panels a Looming Toxic Crisis

Study: Solar Energy’s Dirty Little Secret

Misc Energy:

Study: A Looming Disaster in Energy Security

Wind Turbines Are Not Clean Or Green And Provide Zero Global Energy

Storage burden should fall on wind and solar projects, not the Grid

The Wind Lobby’s Attack on Unreleased DOE Study

President Trump Unleashes America’s Energy Potential

Wind Power’s Future in U.S. Could Be Thwarted by Grassroots Opposition

Japanese technology squeezes more power out of coal, with less CO2

The Chinese have seen the future — and it’s still coal!

Leaked Memo Details Wind Industry Campaign Against A Major DOE Study

Why Trump is right about wind power and his detractors are wrong

The Scourge of Unelected Regulators

How Government Really Works – Politics & Legal Graft (applies to wind & solar)

$100M wind project suspended following Tennessee moratorium

Scientists Sharply Rebut Influential Renewable-Energy Plan

Another Congressional bill to restrict wind projects near military facilities

Protecting NC Military Facilities from Wind Projects

NC Legislators pass a statewide 2 year wind energy moratorium (see here)

The AWEA view: 30 years of wind energy acceptance research —what have we learned?

The Philosophic Roots of the Paris Agreement Part V: “Small is Beautiful”

Letter to Rick Perry (cosigned by AWED)

Monumental, Unsustainable Environmental Impacts

Wind power’s big bet: turbines taller than skyscrapers

The Appalling Delusion of 100 Percent Renewables, Exposed

Did Solar Company Obtain Land Legally?

Christian School Opposes Proposed Nearby Solar Project

Miscellaneous Nuclear-Energy Articles:

Nuclear power booms in Asia as US scientists innovate new technologies

Cut the Gordian Knot

IEA: Policy change needed to raise nuclear capacity

Trump To Abolish Obama’s Green Legacy By Boosting Nuclear Projects

Recommended Actions to Get Nuclear Back on Track

Does Nuclear Energy Have a Future in the US?

New Nuclear Matters Homepage

Should We Pass Gas for Nuclear?

Fail Safe Nuclear Reactors

Manmade Global Warming Articles:

How Science Is Losing Its Humanity

Serious quality problems in the surface temperature data sets

To Put America First is to Put Our Planet’s Climate First

New Scientific Study Questioning the Greenhouse Effect

One Lonely Molecule

The Real Deniers

Short Video: Climate Science Peer-Review Is Complete Garbage

5 Prominent Scientists Skeptical of Climate Change

The Bank of England is Enslaved by Green Groupthink

EPA’s Prior Suspect Science

EPA launching initiative to ‘critique’ climate science

The Truth about the Global Warming Pause

Manipulated IPCC Science supported by Manipulated Appeals to Authority

Two Short Comedic Videos on Global Warming

The Science Police

Falsification Of The Atmospheric CO2 Greenhouse Effects Within The Frame Of Physics

Response to Comments about Falsification Report

NASA not publicizing 8 months of cooler temperatures

Unusual 400+ year flow history of a Colorado River

Historical Perspective on Climate Change

Climategate Scientist — The Pause in Global Warming is Real

Climatologist: “CO2 A Scapegoat” …IPCC “A Marketing Organization”

U.S. Mayors on Climate: This Time Will Be Different

Peer Reviewed Paper Says It’s OK To Lie About Climate Change

The New Global Warming Consensus

Why I Spend So Much Time and Effort on Climate Skepticism

Why wind energy does not consequentially reduce emissions

Open Letter to Australia’s Chief Scientist

The unquotable Judith Curry

Global Warming: The Imminent Crisis That Never Arrives

Honest Climate Debate Will Exposed Rigged Science

President Trump Revives Space Council

Germany Waters Down G-20 Climate Plan

Canada Cutting Back on Climate Studies

Sea Level Expert Rips Study Claiming Fastest Rise in 2800 years

Short Video: Fake News About Sea Level Rise


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