Australia’s ABC Loses Its Religious Faith

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By Andrew Bolt ~

The ABC disrespects the Christian faith that largely inspired our values and institutions, and which is still followed by most Australians.

That Islamic leaders are also upset by the downgrading of the ABC’s religious programming suggests the ABC has already dropped the focus on Christianity:

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The ABC is planning to dump its executive producer of religion in a move savaged by Christian and Islamic leaders angry that the broadcaster will elevate a non-specialist to the once prestigious post.

Religious leaders have slam­med the ABC for the alleged “systematic dismantling” of religious programming, with managing ­director Michelle Guthrie warned that she could breach her commitment to 30 of the nation’s ­religious leaders last year that the broadcaster would maintain the quality of its religious content.

The Australian understands the ABC’s executive producer of religion, Jane Jeffes, a religious broadcasting specialist, has been told she is “potentially redundant”, with the role expected to be filled by Joe Gelonesi, who has ­experience in science, the arts and philosophy…

Under changes to the structure of religious programming at the ABC, the service will also be blended with the topic of ethics..

The former head of ABC Religion Radio, Paul Collins, accused management of a “complete failure to understand the essential cultural role that the ABC plays in Australian society”.

Mr Collins, who left the ABC in 1996, said the religion department used to employ 18 people across four states. He said that was now closer to five, all in Sydney.

Disclaimer: I am not Christian, but I acknowledge and benefit from its civilising influence.

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