Australia’s Cardinal George Pell Charged, But What Hope Of A Fair Trial?

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Here in Australia, the decision by Victoria Police to charge Cardinal George Pell with sexual offences is both a tragedy and a hope for the Catholic Church’s finance minister.

It is a tragedy because Pell, who has devoted his life to his church and insists he is innocent, is now publicly accused by police of one of the most despised evils.

How Pell keeps going astonishes me. Weaker people would kill themselves rather than undergo these years of public shaming.

I asked him just this last year in Rome, after he’d returned — choked up — from meeting Ballarat victims of paedophile priests.

Australia’s Cardinal George Pell

He said what might seem obvious from a cardinal but was evidently sincere: his deep faith in Christ, the suffering servant. And he gave me a book of sermons he’d given on the Gospel of Luke.

So — again, if he’s innocent — being charged with sexual offences must seem the ultimate insult to a man who has endured so many already.

Yet being charged also gives Pell hope because if he really is innocent he can now finally clear his name in court and put an end to the most vicious campaign of personal vilification we have seen.

But there’s the catch.

What hope is there now of Pell getting a fair trial?

Pell has for decades been trashed by a media which has hated him — first for being a conservative warrior, opposing same-sex marriage and then global warming alarmism. Priests of the Left also attacked him for reforming the curriculum in Catholic schools to make it more in line with church teachings.

But then Pell was then attacked for allegedly protecting paedophile priests, first as a relatively junior priest himself in Ballarat and later as a bishop in Melbourne under Archbishop Frank Little, who did indeed hide paedophiles rather than expose them.

And now Pell stands accused himself of sexual offences.

Right now Melbourne University Press is removing from sale a book by ABC journalist Louise Milligan in which Pell is accused of sexual offences occurring nearly 40 years ago.

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