War! WashPost Weather Guy/Ex-Obama Staffer Screams About Trump’s EPA Climate Website

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By Melissa Mullins ~

Jason Samenow, a chief meteorologist of the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang, penned an op-ed for the Sunday paper slamming the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its decision to remove certain web pages that dealt with global warming science, claiming it was a declaration of “war.”

Samenow, (pictured) whose bio touts a master’s degree in atmospheric science and 10 years as a climate change science analyst for the U.S. government, also happens to be one of the scientists that managed the EPA website for more than five years during the Obama administration. After that stint, Samenow went to work for the Washington Post. No bias there.

In his op-ed, “I worked on the EPA’s climate change website. Its removal is a declaration of war,” Samenow writes:

“To me, a scientist who managed this website for more than five years, its removal signifies a declaration of war on climate science by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt…There can be no other interpretation,” Samenow wrote in an op-ed published Thursday night. “I draw this conclusion as a meteorologist with a specialization in climate science and as an independent voter who strives to keep my political and scientific views separate.”

Admitting “it is any administration’s prerogative to revise or archive Web pages that relate to policies and programs it is no longer pursuing,” Samenow admits this issue is personal for him, but argued, “it should be obvious to anyone how this senseless action runs counter to principles of good governance and scientific integrity…no justification for political interference with authoritative, carefully vetted scientific information.”

Although no data has been scrubbed, Samenow and many other climate change social justice warriors vehemently point out where instances of “climate change” have been “disappearing.” Samenow calls it “… a reckless and dangerous abdication of his responsibility.”

“The site not only presented climate science , it was also a portal to data on warming’s effects and greenhouse gas emissions, along with guidance and tools to help people, municipalities and states reduce their carbon footprints…It included a vibrant kids’ site treasured by educators, featuring interactive teaching tools and videos, which was also taken down.”

Pruitt has often been attacked for not accepting “mainstream climate science conclusions.” Although it’s within the capacity for the EPA to change its website through updates or new pages and information, many activists believe it’s an affront to the issue of climate change.

For its part, the EPA’s official word on the website is that it is updating that section of the website to reflect the views of the Trump administration.

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