Renewable Power Australia – Why Prime Minister Turnbull’s Green Plan Is Destroying The Liberals

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Here in Australia, the Turnbull Government is destroying itself by touting the Finkel report with its renewable energy target of a ludicrous 42 per cent. The Liberal party room must water it down – if not block it.

Turnbull will then fight Labor with a compromise on his own green beliefs. He will fight having already conceded the argument to Labor.

The Left will jeer him as a man of no conviction. Conservatives will not trust him either.

And the Liberals will have nothing to fight for except a plan that is actually Labor’s agenda, with Turnbull merely promising to deliver it better.

No convictions, no guts, no hope of true reform. And an electricity system that will crumble.

On so many levels – economics, politics, science – Turnbull’s promotion of this Finkel report is a disaster.

His authority is now being broken all over again, and yet again because of his global warming catastrophism:

Angry Coalition MPs have warned Malcolm Turnbull against embracing a clean energy target that hits consumers with higher prices, in a revolt against a sweeping plan to shift the economy to wind and solar power…

The furious MPs used a special Coalition meeting late yesterday to demand actions to improve reliability and affordability, warning Mr Turnbull against embracing a plan that went too far to encourage renewable power.

“Finkel in its current form is dead,” one MP told The Australian last night…

Conservative MPs said after the meeting that about 20 MPs ­bluntly opposed Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s proposal for a clean energy target or raised significant concerns about the proposal in a clear message about the need to keep incentives for coal power…

Former prime minister Tony Abbott was a sharp critic of the clean energy target and made interjections throughout the ­discussions…

Others said there were about 10 who were clearly against the clean energy target while another 10 expressed concerns about its design, leaving the plan on the table as long as it was designed carefully to avoid putting pressure on household prices…

Queensland Liberal senator Ian Macdonald told the meeting Dr Finkel’s own testimony to a Senate hearing in recent weeks showed that Australia’s plan to cut emissions would make no difference to the global climate.

That is the crazy part of all this. Both sides of politics are destroying our cheap and reliability electricity supply just to make a useless gesture.

William Kininmonth, former head of Australia’s National Climate Centre, says the Finkel report is a pretend fix to a pretend disaster:

The central theme is Australia’s continuing commitment to the Paris Accord. This commitment requires a cut in greenhouse gas emissions (that is, carbon dioxide) of 26 to 28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030. Surprisingly, and without policy direction, Finkel extends the target to zero emissions by the second half of the century.

The blueprint does not address the appropriateness of the Paris ­Accord as a policy objective (too hard? — politically incorrect?). There is no acknowledgment that global temperatures have failed to match the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change scenario of ­anthropogenic global warming and scientists don’t know why…

The IPCC scenario is for warming [from 1980] of between 0.7C and 1.6C. The actual warming over the 3½ decades of satellite monitoring has been barely 0.3C, or half the lower model estimate. Recent climate history suggests models exaggerate sensitivity to carbon dioxide and concerns over ­anthro­po­genic emissions are misplaced…

A sensitivity of less than 1C makes attempts to regulate climate through atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations fraught, even futile…

It is unfortunate that the Chief Scientist did not conduct an independent review of the science ­underpinning the contentious ­hypothesis of dangerous anthropogenic climate change before embarking on a blueprint for the national electricity market. A misplaced objective of emissions ­reduction at the expense of affordable and reliable electricity ser­vices will unnecessarily impov­erish Australians.


It’s bad news when you get these denials:

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann denied that Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership was on the line over energy policy.

An unnamed Liberal MP has today been quoted, saying “Malcolm could lose his leadership over this if he doesn’t listen to us.”

Senator Cormann said that was not the case.

“No, not at at all and yesterday what the Prime Minister did was precisely that, he was listening,” Senator Cormann told ABC TV.


Mark Kenny:

Tony Abbott has already come from nowhere to replace Malcolm Turnbull as leader once as the Liberal Party convulsed over Labor’s progressive climate policy in 2009.

So Turnbull knows what is at stake…

This is a must-win for Turnbull. Any climate policy split or significant backlash in the party room would be viewed as a win for Abbott. Alive to this, Turnbull is shimmying, declining to commit to the specifics in Finkel’s “Clean Energy Target” until he has a bead on the party room. It explains why backbench consultation has preceded Cabinet deliberation rather than the usual process.

This will destroy Josh Frydenberg’s leadership credentials with conservatives, and in the same way that Scott Morrison was so badly damaged. Turnbull will get Frydenberg to push a dumb plan that he himself will then disown.

The politics alone is nuts:

The prominent Victorian Liberal moderate, Russell Broadbent … made a strong intervention during the meeting arguing against policy change that would push up power prices.

Government sources say Broadbent argued the Coalition had spent months arguing that Labor’s renewable energy targets pushed up power prices, and now was arguing for a low emissions target that would push the share of renewables in the electricity market above 40%.

One Liberal MP told Guardian Australia the bulk of the concern expressed related to the risk that the clean energy target would increase power prices. “We will wear that for the next decade – if prices go up,” the MP said.

The Liberal legacy after its election defeat will take an era to live down: record debt, record spending, record power prices…

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