Climate Change Australia – Prime Minister Turnbull Surrenders His Biggest Weapon To The Labor Party

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By Andrew Bolt ~

First Malcolm Turnbull gave us a Labor-lite Budget.

Now he’s likely to give us a Labor-lite global warming scheme:

Labor will likely back a proposed low emissions target scheme and end the nation’s climate change wars, according to the party’s energy spokesman Mark Butler.

Australia’s chief scientist Alan Finkel is due to deliver his long-awaited energy reform report to the Council of Australian Governments on Friday, with his recommendations expected to favour a low emissions target scheme (LET) to tackle climate change, originally proposed by the Coalition.

Mr Butler said while Labor has advocated for a tougher Emissions Intensity Scheme (EIS) in the past, they would keep an “open mind” when the Finkel proposal is released with the view to put Australia’s decade-long climate policy debate to bed…

His comments come as Opposition Leader Bill Shorten yesterday said Labor would commit to tackling climate change “in the most economically efficient way”.

Are the Liberals mad?

If they endorse the Finkel plan, as they are shaping up to do, they will not merely give us even higher power prices, even less reliable supply and even more job losses in coal-fired power stations, all for absolutely no gain to the climate.

They will also have thrown away what they have claimed is their main weapon to win the next election – a battle with Labor over electricity prices, centrering on Labor’s mad plan to lift the renewable energy target to an insane 50 per cent.

Labor is desperate for a credible reason to drop that target. Turnbull, but shifting to the Left, is likely to give them this great escape.

And Australians will pay.

What is the point of this “Liberal” government?

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