Sunday Music – I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love

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Today’s music video is I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love and the song is performed here by the English singer Petula Clark.

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In the early 1960s, the music coming out of the UK was just amazing. There was just so many new songs, singers and bands, and with each new week, a new batch of songs came out and flooded the music charts in the UK, and it was also similar here in Australia. It broke a little later in the U.S. and this new phenomenon was termed as The British Invasion. In a much similar fashion as new bands, there were also individual artists, both male and female.

One of those was the singer I have featured today, Petula Clark. Oddly, she had already had a long and distinguished singing career dating back to the late 1940’s, and then, when all this new music started, she became what some people erroneously refer to as an overnight sensation, all this after having more than 15 years as a well known singer.

In actual fact, when all this new music started, her career was actually stalling somewhat.

In 1964, she was introduced to a producer and song writer, Tony Hatch, who had also had a long career writing a number of hits for other artists. He showed her a couple of songs, which at first she was not all that impressed with. She recorded one of them, Downtown, and then went back to doing what she was doing. The song became a Monster smash hit in the UK, in Australia, and also in a number of other Countries. The U.S. rights for the song were then negotiated, and she released the song in the U.S. where it also went straight to Number One.

Her career was now fully revived, and over the next five or so years, she had a string of hits, more than 15 of them, all entering the Top Forty charts, most of them inside the Top Ten, and with a number of Number Ones in that group as well, somewhere or other around the World. Most of those hits were written by her new songwriting collaborator Tony Hatch. She had a second huge Number One in the U.S. with My Love, giving her the rare honour of the first UK female singer to have two Number One hits in the U.S.

This song I have featured today was released in 1966 in the middle of her huge, and most successful period of song releases. It was also written by Tony Hatch, now with his new partner, Jackie Trent, now married, and these two also had a successful music career, and a Number One hit in Australia with The Two Of Us. Trent and Hatch toured Australia often throughout the 60’s and 70’s, where they had a huge following.

In much the same manner as Dionne Warwick was associated so strongly with the songwriter Burt Bacharach in the U.S. Petula Clark was associated with the songwriter Tony Hatch in the UK, and the hits just kept coming, too numerous to detail, hit after hit after hit.

She is also multi talented, and in that career before The British Invasion began, she recorded songs in five languages, French mainly, and she also had an acting career, appearing in a number of movies.

She has won two Grammy Awards in 1964 and again in 1965, and all up, has sold almost 70 million records, making her one of the biggest selling female artists of all time.

In the U.S. Petula Clark was dubbed the first lady of The British Invasion, because of her immense popularity there. She had a beautiful voice, and just so many hits, and even with so many of them, she has said that this song was always one of her most favourite songs that she sang.

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