UK Politics – Theresa May Slowly Losing Her Huge Lead

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Prime Minister Theresa May

All too often, Australian Prime Ministers have called  early elections and lost huge leads over a long campaign.

Now Britain’s Theresa May is shredding her authority:

Labour continue to narrow the gap on the Conservatives with one new poll putting Theresa May’s lead down to six points

At the start of the campaign some polls had the Tories at almost double the vote share of the Labour Party, indicating that the most likely outcome would be a landslide victory that would increase Theresa May’s current working majority of 17 in the House of Commons.

However, May’s lead has dropped from 17.8 points to below 10 in our poll tracker since she called the election on April 18. This is a rolling daily average of the last eight polls…

A healthy Tory majority is still on the cards, but Labour now look set to win more of the vote than they did under Ed Miliband in 2015.

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