President Trump Could Save Our Electricity

Posted on Tue 05/30/2017 by


By Andrew Bolt ~

Terry McCrann:

Let’s hope the reports are true: that President Trump will follow through on his campaign promise to take the US out of the so-called Paris Climate Agreement…

Ideally, we would follow; but as there’s zero chance of that under the current clueless Prime Minister here in Australia, hopefully it would at least force some reality back into the discussion about energy and electricity in particular.

Yesterday we had power which was fundamentally reliable, plentiful and cheap — and critically not just for consumers but also business.

But in recent years at both state and federal level we have embarked on a deliberate policy course of making electricity not just less but actually deliberately unreliable, and we are headed for power rationing and the most expensive electricity in the world.

All to absolutely no point other than moral preening. We can cut our emissions of carbon dioxide to zero — indeed, we could actually go negative, by closing down the country entirely and switch to just growing trees — and it would make zero difference to global or indeed local temperatures.

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