The Plan To Divide Australia By Race

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Aboriginal leaders demand a new elected body for Australians with Aboriginal ancesters so politicians hear the “First ­Nations Voice” when passing laws.

This is “reconciliation” that actually divides us instead:

The Australian Aboriginal Flag

Indigenous leaders have issued a united challenge to Malcolm Turnbull to back a constitutionally recognised Aboriginal “voice’’ to parliament that would influence legislation, and a separate process leading to treaties.

A historic three-day Referendum Council in the shadow of Uluru has repudiated advocates of so-called minimalist symbolic change to the Constitution…

The Uluru Statement from the Heart[‘s] … call for the ­creation of a new body called a Makarrata Commission to supervise a process of agreement-making, or treaties, between govern­ments and first nations, and “truth-telling about our history” would not require constitutional acknowledgment…

A separate body to provide a “voice” to parliament, which could be an elected body, and would have the ability to scrutinise proposed legislation and make recommendations, would be estab­lished in the Constitution…

The compromise won early backing from conservative [sic] legal experts last night. Constitutional lawyer Damien Freeman, co-founder with Liberal MP Julian Leeser of the conservative Uphold and Recognise group, told The Weekend Australian that the declaration’s proposals of a “First Nations Voice and a Makarrata Commission” was “compatible with the enduring legal sovereignty of the Crown”…

The document states: “We call for the establishment of a First ­Nations Voice enshrined in the Constitution.”

But they already have a voice. Like the rest of us, they can vote for representatives in Parliament. What they really want is more say than everyone else, based on their “race”.

Whoever backs this dangerous stupid and divisive plan is no conservative. They are backing an official racism that leads us to a form apartheid. They will destroy the character of Australia and the ideal that we are judged not by our ancestry but by our own deeds and character – judges not as members of a tribe but as individuals.

Anyone backing that is not a conservative at all but the most foolish radical.

Do any Liberals have the wit and the guts to resist this?


One report this morning said this idea was backed by Liberal MP Tim Wilson. This is false. Wilson was mistaken for Leeser and does not deserve this slur on his judgment and his principles.

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