More Coptic Christians Murdered In Egypt

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Nothing to do with Islam itself, right?: “Masked gunmen opened fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians south of the Egyptian capital on Friday, killing at least 26 people, including children, and wounding 25, officials said.”

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, which came on the eve of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.


Welcome frankness from Muslim MP Anne Aly, who says what:

Australia’s first female Muslim MP says terrorists see non-believers as cockroaches and admits there is a link between terrorism and Islam….

In a break with many left-wing politicians, who deny the link between Islam and terrorism, the Egyptian-born politician said the Koran was often used to justify violence.

‘It would be wrong to completely dismiss ideology and the role of ideology and religion in this,’ she said.

‘There are certainly parts of the religion that do justify or that can be used, that are easily manipulated to justify violence.’

The Perth-based politician said the Islamic Hadith, which chronicles aspects of the Prophet Mohammad’s life, was also used to justify terrorism.

Aly can say this safely now. But when I said exactly the same thing in 2002 I was denounced in The Age by Professor Robert Manne for allegedly peddling “Islamophobia” and a “new racism”:

The second recent strand of Islamophobia took place … in the writings of Andrew Bolt, the resident right-wing columnist at the Melbourne Herald Sun.

At first Bolt responded to September 11 in a decent way…

[But] within days he wrote that he had no fight with Islam, only with “the terrorists who perverted its teachings”, but was it not the case that the Koran was all “too easily interpreted to justify terrorism”?

Within three months of September 11, Bolt was experiencing “grave doubts about the role of Islam in a secular, multi-ethnic nation like Australia”…

“Let’s compare,” Bolt wrote on June 3, “those two most holy of men – those founders of great religions. Unlike Mohammed, Christ did not slaughter unbelievers, execute women who sang rude songs about him, cut off the limbs of apostates, sleep with a woman whose family he had just killed, have sex with a nine-year-old, urge the murder of Jews, authorise the beating of wives … and promise heaven above all to those who made war on infidels.”

I do not know whether it was a matter of concern for Bolt or his editor that he was writing, thus, of the man who stood at the centre of the faith of 300,000 or so of their fellow Australians.

As it happens, Bolt was not the only journalist in Australia who had begun to play with fire.

I wonder if Manne will now denounce Aly as he once denounced me? Or has too much blood now flowed under the bridge for him to maintain that denialism?

Once again, at least with Aly, is seems that the difference between the Left and a conservative is often merely time. In this case the difference between the Left and this conservative is 15 years.

What wasted time.

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