Energy And Environmental Newsletter – May 22nd 2017

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:

What Happens to an Economy When Forced to Use Renewable Energy?

How Much Does the U.S. Govt Subsidize Electricity Generating Technologies?

Wind Subsidies Should End

Is Renewable Energy an Economic Boon or Bust

Big ‘Green’ and Mean: A Wind-Energy Giant Attacks Small-Town America

Today’s most productive energy workers are in coal and gas, not solar

Massachusetts’ Proposed Carbon Tax Harmful to Residents

Op-Ed: NY Wind Projects – No Economic Benefit In Sight

Wind Industry Titan Soaks Up Billions in Tax Subsidies

Big Wind gets Spanked in Michigan

Congress Asked To Eliminate $270 Million A Year In Solar Subsidies

SolarWorld Says It Is Insolvent

Wind energy – con: Tell taxpayers the real cost

Turbine Health Matters:

Environmental Noise Pollution: Has Public Health Become too Utilitarian?

Impact of Noise on Health: The Divide between Policy and Science

MI Town passed 30 dBA night turbine noise limit and 35 dBA day limit

The Continuing Saga of Wind Turbine Noise

Vermont Issues new noise standards, and 10 X setback

Abstracts Accepted for International Wind Turbine Noise conference

Archive: Wind Turbine Infrasound Recordings Shown On An Oscilloscope

In Canada the Minister of Health does not have authority over turbines

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:

Bats Massacred by Wind Turbines May Get Reprieve in Sweden

Birds, tortoise at new risk from wind power growth

NYS’ Hypocrisy re Wind Energy

Wind-power pollution: turbine oil seeps into the land in Mexico

Ten Lies About Fracking

Miscellaneous Energy News:

Wind turbines are neither clean nor green and they provide zero global energy

Pitting Wind and Solar Against Nuclear Power

The War On Wind Turbines Is So Right

The coming threat from US wind states

Prior Governor: Wind Energy Was A Big Mistake

Tennessee Passes One Year Wind Energy Moratorium

AWEA: Five Community Tactics to Enable More Wind Development

Bill McKibben’s Wind Energy Hypocrisy

Local Michigan Voters Say No To More Wind Development

Sign Petition to Scrap Renewable Energy Targets

Inside Greenpeace’s Campaign to Stop Australian Coal Export

African Nations to build over 100 New Coal Plants

Why India and Pakistan are Renewing their Love Affair with Coal

Report: China and India Dominate Coal Ownership

Former PM: Renewable Energy Policy is Scandalous

France’s pro-science leader has many challenges ahead

UK Energy and Climate Change Policy

Remarks by President Trump at Signing of EO to Create Energy Independence

Manmade Global Warming Articles:

Thoughts on the Public Discourse over Climate Change

Are Microbiologists Climate-Denying Science Haters?

Red Team EMA’s Endangerment Finding

You’re Calling Me “Anti Science?”

15 New Studies Abandon Claims of Man-Made Influence On Arctic Climate

Dilbert Disses Global Warming; Liberal Heads Explode

How to Convince Skeptics that Climate Change is a Problem

Climate Dollars: How a flawed study fooled a lot of the media

Peer Reviewed Study: Penis is Conceptual Driver Behind Much of Climate Change

Global Warming and Consensus Claims Are Betrayals of Science

NY Times Apologizes for being Accurate and Objective

Open Letter to Ivanka Trump

New Short Video: The Fake News 97% Consensus

Obama Administration Falsified ‘Climate Change’ Data

Global Temperatures Plunge .5 degrees C in April

Is There a Trend in Global Average Temperature?

Sign Petition Against Paris Agreement

Escaping the Paris Climate Agreement

A Global Warming Surprise

NPR Bungles Sea Level Rise Story

Earth’s forests grew 9% in a new satellite survey

Study: The epistemological status of general circulation models

Study: Scrutinizing the carbon cycle and CO2 residence time in the atmosphere


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