Climate Change Australia – No, The Nationals Haven’t Fallen To The Warmists

Posted on Sun 05/21/2017 by


By Andrew Bolt ~


The Nationals mentioned here are The National Party Of Australia, the second and minor party which goes to make up the coalition of two political parties from the conservative side of the political fence here in Australia. Those two parties are The Liberals and The Nationals. The Liberal Party of Australia represents conservative voters in the urban and city electorates, and The Nationals represent those conservative voters in regional and country Australia…..TonyfromOz.

The Sydney Morning Herald was so excited: “An emissions intensity scheme could become official policy of the NSW Nationals on Friday, a move that would represent a split from the federal leadership and a challenge to the Turnbull government’s climate change agenda.”

In the end, the motion was supported by just seven people at the conference, leaving about 120 people against.

Strangely, that fact has not been reported by any Fairfax paper, leaving readers with the false impression that the Nationals were about to cave on global warming.

I mentioned before that the motion was actually pushed by people with zero understanding of the most basic science – which the Sydney Morning Herald failed to note.

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